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Applying for International visas can be real hassle. Why waste time in getting your application process wrong? Unique Visa Services are experts in all types for visas for the majority of the countries. Contact us to get it right the first time and get it with easy way without any stress. We can assist you in secure and fast Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Work Visa, Crew Visa and Journalist Visa applications for majority of the countries. Many other immigration offices take more time for UK Visa, China Visa, Russia Visa. In Birmingham, there is the Indian embassy where applicants can apply for an Indian visa by making an appointment. For the closest China embassy, this is either in Manchester or London. There are many different parameters to consider while applying for your application for instance; your purpose of visit, time frame, your nationality. Our experts are available by phone, via Twitter or Facebook and by email.

Obtain Your Business and Tourist Visa - Four Simple Steps.
Step 1: Choose your country and destination in the search bar at the top of the page.
Step 2: Download the necessary forms and fill out a UVS Form.
Step 3: Send us the completed forms and any required documents.
Step 4: We'll submit everything on your behalf and get your Visa and Passport back to you safely and securely

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UK Immigration

Our UK immigration service is available for those wishing to acquire a UK Visa and to immigrate legally, to work or to live. We are consultants regulated by the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) and offer specialist advice on UK immigration law and visas.

China Visa Services

If you are planning to visit China, there are many different types of visas such as China Business visa, China Family Visit visa, China Crew Visa, China Work visa and China Tourist visa. If you hold a non UK passport then documentations might be slightly different, please contact our...

Indian Visa Service

Planning a trip to visit India, you do need to apply for a visa. Unique Visa Services Ltd deal with both India business visas and India tourist visas. If you want to inquire more information about Indian visas, please contact our offices so our team of experts can lend you a helping hand....

Saudi Arabia Visa Services

Want to go to Saudi Arabia, there are many different types of visas such as Saudi Business visa, Saudi Family Visit visa, Saudi Residence visa and Saudi Work visa. If you are a non UK passport holder then please contact our offices so our team of experts as documentations may be different. Saudi...

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Visa News & Updates

Bank Holiday - 20.05.2015
Hi  Just a quick reminder that Monday 25th of May is an official bank holiday therefore all embassies will be closed and they will reopen as normal on Tuesday 26th May.
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Boy smuggled across Spain in a suitcase - 08.05.2015
According to immigration officials it has been discovered that an eight year old boy was hidden in a suitcase and the suitcase was stopped into Cueta, Spain where a woman aged 19 was acting suspiciously.  The boy appeared to be unharmed and a Spanish ...
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Front of a plane gets smashed by a bird - 07.05.2015
An aircraft, Boring 737-800 Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul was making a decent to Neveshir when it was hit for a bird and the front of the plane had an impact which folded the nose cone inwards. A spokesman said that collisions with birds happens ...
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A Man arrested over murder of former Belfast IRA commander - 06.05.2015
It is believed that police have arrested a 41 year old man in Northern Ireland with the murder of former IRA commander Gerard "Jock" Davison. The man was detained on Wednesday morning in Belfast. Police searched a flat in the north of the city on Tuesday ...
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Strange plant grows where there is diamonds underneath the ground - 05.05.2015
According to geologists, a researcher from Florida International University believes that this strange plant which is thorny is called pandanus candelabrum grows on top of lava pipes and it is an easy way to spot potential diamond mines. It is thought ...
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£500 million worth of drugs seized by Royal Navy - 01.05.2015
According to officials, it is reported that the Royal Navy carried out Britain's biggest ever drugs bust from a boat near Aberdeen. It is believed that three tonnes of cocaine were on the tugboat about 100 miles off the coast. The boat called MV Hamal ...
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Bank Holiday - Embassies closed - 01.05.2015
Just a quick reminder that Monday 4th of May is an official bank holiday therefore all embassies will be closed
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A new restaurant is opening in Styal operated by women prison - 30.04.2015
A new restaurant is opening in Styal with a difference. The difference is that the restaurant is operated by prisoners. The restaurant is fulled book until June 2015. The HMP Styal restaurant is the fourth one from the charity which specialises in training ...
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All Visa Owner - Please Note

We are not an embassy, and are not affiliated with any government department. If you wish to apply directly to the relevant embassy, please consult their official website for guidelines on how and where to apply, application forms and for information on their fees. In most cases embassies and government departments charge a fee for the issuance of visas and passports, although this may occasionally be waived due to reciprocal or bilateral governmental agreements.

Please note the application forms can be obtained free of charge from the relevant embassies.
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The service was fantastic. Raj answered all of my stupid questions quickly (and patiently) and managed to get my Chinese work visa in less than a week. Thank you very much for doing this, I could not have done it without you. If anyone needs a china visa then you should definitely get in touch

The Service Was Fantastic
Thank you so much for your kind assistance with obtaining my UK Visa. I know that time was short and I was hassling you, but your service is very much appreciated.

Chris Berry
Thank You
Hi Raj, I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service for Russia Visa Not once did you mind when we called with yet another inane question. You were always helpful, and prompt , supplying the correct answers We TRULY couldn't have completed the forms without your service ! Thanks a million. Who can I annoy now?! Kind regardsJoy Goodman
Fantastic Service
Hi Raj

I wanted to thank you for organising our visas to India (for 2 adults and 2 children).

I only gave the paperwork to you on Friday and had my passports returned with the visas 5 days later on the Friday - incredible five star service.

You took the time to explain clearly what forms needed completing, what supporting documentation was required and fielded my questions with patience.

Thank you so much - we will certainly not hesitate to use you again in the future or recommend you.

Best Wishes

Neelam Ghosh
Incredible Service
From start to finish Sunita was really helpful for getting my UK study visa. Asked many times as previous agency really let me down. The service I found 5 star and would really recommend.
5 Stars
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