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Follow Four Simple Steps For your Application!

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Step One

Select the country of destination and visa type below.

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Step Two

Fill The Application Form and Gather the Relevant Documents 

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Step Three

Drop off or send the document via Royal mail special delivery

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Step Four

Pick-up passport and visa or we can send back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery

What We Do!

UK Immigration

Immigration process can be daunting, time-consuming and also a stressful process, but with the team at Unique visa services are the leading UK Immigration advisors located at the heart of Manchester city. Enjoy an easier and simpler immigration process at Unique visa services.

E Visa

Developments in technology has enabled to apply for an E-visa but this can also be a stressful process. We at Unique visa services provide you help and guidance along with striving service and commitment for 24/7 for solving all your queries.

Travel Visas

Obtaining travel visas might look an easy job but it can be confusing and has to be done legally right. Having trust able and legal partners like Unique visa services with you and help you resolving various queries and choosing the right guidance.

Document Legalisation

Document Legalisation is one of the most important steps that has to be done. If you don’t want to trouble yourself spending time, money and energy for this process. At Unique visa services, we Attest, submit them to embassies and FCO for you.

Why Choose Unique Visa Services!

There are numerous reasons behind choosing a best service. This is because, when it comes to obtaining a visa, Unique visa agency UK services are well-aware of the time and work that the process consumes. And that is the reason why we use a procedure that can be carried in steps. When the entire procedure is properly planned, mistakes can be avoided, and the work can be done more cautiously.


  • We are professionals, and thus dealing with us can make you more comfortable and away from unwanted legal issues.
  • The team of Unique visa services has experience in the field, and thus we know the process thoroughly, which can be help in fastening the process UK visa Manchester.
  • We are always available for your service, and we are happy to render a helping hand with your queries and issues.


Unique visa services always strives hard to provide complete satisfaction for the customers and helping them by making the process much easier. For more information and to answer your queries, please visit our website https://www.uvsuk.com/ or dial +441619562003 and +442072052282. You can also reach us via mail at [email protected].

With Unique Visa Services, it’s never been easier to get the visa you need. Just click on the service you require, send us your documents, and we’ll do the rest. No fuss. No hassle. Exceptional Value For Money. With visa assistance from as little as £25, Unique Visa Services offers outstanding value for money. Whether you want an India E-visa or assistance with UK immigration, our team is ready and willing to help. Just say the word.

At Unique Visa Services, we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. With us, you get around-the-clock support with your visa application and specialists by your side who will provide you with the best chance of making a successful application, free from errors, in the shortest possible time.

If you live or work in Central London. Unique Visa Services can arrange for your documents to be collected from your comfort. Please see postcode area and terms below

  • EC1-EC2-EC3-EC4-W1-NW1-SE1-W1-WC1-WC2
  • If the courier has to wait longer than 10 minutes then charges will occur

We began assisting people to get visas for China, India Visas, UK Visas, and Saudi Arabia Visas all the way back in 2008. Since then, we’ve assisted tens of thousands of people to get the visas that they need to travel between countries, and we can help you too.

Our offices, based in Manchester and London, are not only staffed by professionals who understand the visa system intimately, but we’re also regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, ensuring quality and legitimate service.


UK Immigration

At Unique visa services, we provide people help and guidance for UK Visa Services and the immigration process. We are also the advisors for immigration, with Manchester as the base. With Unique visa services by your side, you don’t have to worry about the legality issues. There are so many dealers who are fake and do not follow any legalities, which will cause greater problems. But with Unique visa services, we are liable and always abide by the rules and regulations that are legally correct

Worldwide Travel Visas

Unique visa services have over 14 years of experience in helping people with travel visas. There are so many beautiful places that have to be visited worldwide. And if you are someone who loves to travel. All that you have to do is, contact us, grab a visa to the country that you want with ease and enjoy your travel. With us, you can cross over the hustle and bustle of getting a visa in your hand with the best Visa Services UK.


When you are planning to obtain a visa which is the token of entry into another country. Then, it is important that you have your documents legalized. This is because there will be a thorough cross-verification and checking process that will be done before you obtain your visa from the embassy. Whatsoever the type of visa that you are planning to obtain, it is necessary that you submit the documents cautiously without any discrepancies. We at Unique UK visa experts provide help with the legalization of documents.

Free Collection From Central London

if you are a resident or employee in central London, then you can contact us to collect your documents. We at Unique visa services are the best UK visa agency in terms of providing service to the people and making things more comfortable and easier.


Looking For a Professional Visa Company?

The Top Four!

UK Immigration

Do you need UK immigration and visa help then you have just found us. Unique Visa Service Limited is a leading UK Immigration Advisor offers a number of visa options. We are regulated by the OISC at Level 1. OISC are a government body that regulates all the immigration advisers that deals in UK Immigration.

Indian Visa Uk

Getting an India visa can be a complicated and cumbersome process. Utilising the Indian visa services from Unique Visa Service Limited can be really handy. We provide all kinds of services relating to Indian e-visa and give you accurate information, guidelines and processing time.

China Visa Application

Are you planning to visit China for tourist or business purposes? Choose China visa service from Unique Visa Services Limited. We offer visa for China to enter the country without any kind of difficulty. For China visa processing, we will process your application with the local Embassy to save you from the hassle of standing in the queue to meet the government officials.

Saudi Arabia Visa

Are you looking for a company to process your visa to Saudi Arabia? At Unique Visa Service Limited, we offer Saudi visa services for tourist and business purposes. We follow a step-by- step process with clear instructions to get your visa to Saudi Arabia for a reasonable rate in a short span of time. Our company can assure that no one can process your visa faster than us.



This all depends on what country you are applying for. Majority of the embassy do require to paste the visa on your actual passport. However quite a few of the countries have introduced E visa. For the this a good scan copy of your passport is accepted

We cannot say 100% guarantee as the custom does have the right to refuse entry. This can be if the customs officer suspects you are entering the country on the wrong visa ie tourist visa and going to work.

Due to your visa being refused Unique Visa Services will not offer you a refund. Any consulate has got the right to refuse the visa without a refund. This is something we do not have control over. As Unique Visa Services have done the job payed for and payed the embassy fee, we will not be able to offer a refund

Once we have a completed application pack with forms, photo’s etc then we can submit the application on your behalf. Unique Visa Services have been a trusted visa agents for over 13 years and are a well known company with all the embassies

We do accept majority of the cards for payment. If you pay cheque then we will need to wait for the cheque to be banked and cleared. This may cause delay as we do not go to the bank daily

This all depends on how old your passport is. Countries generally ask for the photographs to be no longer than 3 months old

The photograph submitted with your application is generally a pacific size and must be printed on specific paper. Generally the size of the photographs are 45mm x 35mm but it is always advised to check if this size is ok for the country you are applying for

The Photograph submitted with your application is generally a pacific size and must be printed on specific paper. Generally the size of the photographs are 45mm x 35mm but it is always advised to check if this size is ok

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We are a third party company not the actual embassy affiliated with any government department. If you wish to apply directly to the relevant embassy, please consult their official website for guidelines on how and where to apply. All relevant information ie application forms, fees, contact numbers and address. Embassies and government departments majority of the times may charge a fee for the processing of passports and visas, although occasionally  this may be removed due to reciprocal or bilateral governmental agreements. Please note the significant forms to apply can be obtained without cost from the applicable embassies!