About Us

We set up Unique Visa Services with a simple goal in mind: to help people apply for the visas they need so that they can live their lives to the full. Obtaining a visa can be a convoluted and confusing process, and so we aim to help people who may be struggling through the process to move freely across borders and explore the world, maximizing their opportunities.

With the world becoming more interconnected, there’s a greater need than ever before for people to be able to move freely. Individuals need to travel across borders to fulfill business obligations, undergo training, and develop closer ties with foreign industries. Governments, legal systems and immigration authorities do not always make this process easy, especially when it comes to obtaining UKChinaSaudi Arabia, and India Visas, and so we’re here to help. Unique Visa Services assist you to obtain Indian E-VisasChinese VisasSaudi Visas, and UK Visas so that you can travel to your chosen destination freely, without incident.

At Unique Visa Services, we understand that the process of getting a visa can be complicated. We aim to make this process easier, helping you to avoid some of the common pitfalls that can arise when travelling to another country. Acquiring a visa can involve many steps, and so we recognised many years ago that people needed professionals who could provide expert assistance through all the various stages. Visa applications can sometimes run into problems but with us at your side to assist your case, instruct you on how to proceed, and help to fast-track the application schedule, you’re more likely to be successful. We’ve been helping visa applicants make successful applications since March 2008.

We are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Registration with the OISC means that we meet certain regulatory standards, ensuring a high quality of service and legitimate legal function.

Our Offices

Unique Visa Services is based in Manchester, UK. Our local, UK-based offices help us provide exceptional visa expertise to anybody seeking our services. Open during regular office hours; you can contact us at any point to discuss your visa application.

Our Price Commitment

Unique Visa Services is committed to providing practical assistance at affordable prices. We know that visa applications can be a tough and time-limited process. Therefore, you need people by your side who can provide quick and cost-effective assistance. That’s why our company prioritises value-for-money, helping as many people as possible to make successful applications without charging high fees, like many agencies. Our commitment to price fairness is one of the reasons so many people choose to use us.

Unique Visa Services specialises in UK immigration and travel visas. Our services help people find out which visa they require. Different visas are applicable in different situations and depend on things like why you’re travelling to the UK, how long you want to stay, the skills you have, and your country of origin. We have been providing assistance to people travelling through the UK for over a decade who may need to fill out a visa application to stay overnight as part of a connecting flight.

Unique Visa Services has helped many people get the visas they need to study in the UK. Study visas vary on how long your course lasts and how old you are. We assist with short-term study visas (for courses up to six months in duration), general student visas (for longer courses). And child student visas for people travelling to study in the UK under the age of 17.

Unique Visa Services is committed to helping people who want to work or invest in a range of countries, including India, the UK, China, and Saudi Arabia. We help find people the right visa for these countries so that they can do business. The process for many jurisdictions is complicated and depends on a range of factors such as job qualifications, employee sponsorship, whether you bring your family with you, and the nature of your work.

Unique Visa Services is also used by people who want to be with their family in another country. We’ve helped many people over the years apply for family or partner visas, allowing them to live with their loved ones in their country of choice.

Applying for a visa can be tough, but Unique Visa Services was set up with a goal to ensure that the process was more straightforward and less of a headache. Travelling to a different country is already tricky enough, without having to worry about visa applications. Choose us to help you today.

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