Apply for China Visa Application – A Quick Guide to Chinese Visa

China visa

The visa center in London, Manchester, or Edinburgh must apply for China for all UK residents.

For applicants aged between 14 and 70 years, a biometric visit to the embassy is obligatory. The form of visa issued by the Chinese embassy is dependent on your passport and the intention of your visit. China’s work and student visa is available in addition to business and tourism. For British nationals, a visa for entry on the Chinese mainland is a requirement, and you deny access in passport checks if you do not have one.

All you need to know about 

Any foreign national who enters China must have a visa provided by the Chinese embassy. However, whether you go to China, or visit the country or tourism, business, or meet friends or relatives, Singapore, Brunei, and Japan can freely visit China without visas. If travellers from these countries intend more than 15 days’ stay in China, it is necessary to China Visa Application. Various forms of Chinese visas are valid for UK residents, and each person may have an identification letter. L-Visa suggests, for instance, that the person visiting China is an individual visitor or a party member of a tourist community. Even though 17 such forms of visas have been listed in China, tourism (L visa) and business visas (M-visa) are the most common ones.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that any visa application via email for China is not approved.

Tourist visa:

Foreign citizens may travel freely as tourists in China tourist visas, also known as L-visas.

In typical cases, travellers earn a one-stop L-visa visa for 30 days. However, people from the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, and Argentina can apply to receive a 10-year visa to fly to China numerous times during the span of validity, thereby eliminating the reluctance to apply for Visa for China twice. The ten-year visa gives visitors a limited stay of 60 days per admission for foreign nationals. The foreign national will not be given an individual visa while traveling in a group. In this situation, the name of all passengers shall be issued for a group visa.

Documents required during China L-visa application

  • The initial passport with at least six months and two blank pages for a visa stamp must provide during visitor visa applications.
  • A present passports photo is also submit with the visa application form.
  • The candidate should also ensure the correct signing of the China visa application form. The foreigner should produce the booking record of a round trip ticket and evidence of a hotel booking.
  • The traveller should also send the letter of invitation from a Chinese company with all the needed information, including name, contact number, address, stamp, and visitor’s signature.

If a child under 18 applies for a Chinese visa, a parent can fill out the application form and sign Section 05. Copy and original certificate of long birth. Both parents must apply the original passport and a document of the details tab. You can apply your child’s certificate of birth while traveling with your family with a child under the age of six.

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