Breathtakingly Beautiful Places in The UK You Never Knew Existed

Britain is full of mesmerizing and awe-inspiring locations. There are plenty of untouched and unexplored beautiful destinations in the UK of which even UK citizens are not aware of. From the sun-kissed mountains to the flair lagoons, we are going to state the beautiful yet know destinations in the UK probably you may have never heard before.

1.Staffa Island

Situated near the west coast of Scotland, this place is home to the Fingal’s cave. The exhilarating geometry of the cave will make your jaw drop and inspire you to explore it more and more. What makes this cave visually remarkable is hexagonal shaped basalt columns that make up most of its interior walls.

One can travel to the small but enchanting island of the Staffa via cruise. Explore the cave step by step and savor every moment you spend there.

2.The Royal Pavilion

This man-made marvel took almost two decades to complete is completely packed with the different eras of Britain. The Pavilion is a royal residence located in the Brighton embodies many of the ideals of the Regency era. The interior and exterior of the royal palace is full of an excess of gold artwork and is breaking the height of luxuriousness.

In the year 1850, it had been sold by Queen Victoria to the town of Brighton. It is now open to the public as a museum.

3.Smoo Cave

The blend of sea cave and freshwater cave, Smoo cave lies in Durness and is one of the most regaling tourist attractions in Britain. Smoo cave has one of the largest entrances of any sea cave in Britain. The mouth of the cave leads to the first chamber which is 60meters long and 40 meters wide. Then a small footbridge gives unfettered access to the second chamber. Through this chamber, you can see the waterfalls from the various cliffs.

The entrance to the third chamber requires a short boat trip across the pool.

4.Minack Theatre

Undeniably, it is one of the most beautiful open-air theatres in the world. It is situated high on the golden cliff and is extensively visited by the localities and tourists during the summer time. The summer season (May to September) is full of various plays, musical sessions, and operettas. You will also find some of the most amazing coffee shops near the theatre where you can spend good time. The best time to visit the Minack theatre is summer.

5.Mealt Falls

It is one of those rare waterfalls in the world that will make you go gaga. This 55m waterfall is backed by the massive 90m Kilt Rock formation which resembles a Scottish Kilt. The waterfall has some of the most riveting landscapes around. It is a bit difficult to walk to the overlook of the fall but you could see the more impressive sea cliffs formation. The Mealt falls consists of a variation of both upper and lower falls.

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