Change Of Employment!

Skilled Worker Visa: Change of Employment/Update your Visa

If you are in the UK on Tier 2 or Skilled worker visa and you are changing the employment, you will need to make an application to the home office to update your visa.  You will need to update the visa in following circumstances:

If you are changing your employer

If your job SOC code is changed (you are applying for a different job role)

Changing job role from skilled shortage category to a new one (that is not in shortage category)

please note if your job is taken off the shortage list, but you are continuing with the same employer with the same job role, you do not need to update your visa



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Skilled Worker Requirements

How Can we Help

If you are looking to change your employer or applying a different job role and need help, UVS can help you at every step.

We have vast experience dealing with the Sponsorship application and work visa applications. We can make sure you meet the required points criteria, prepare your application and file it with the home office. contact us for hassle free immigration applications

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You can apply three months before the start date of your new job. But make sure you make the application before your current visa runs out.

If you are a skilled worker or Tier 2 visa holder and lose your job, you will have 60 days to look for new job and make an application (or sooner if your visa is expiring before that)

You would need the other supporting documents only if you have in the UK for less than one year

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