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With a Tier 2 Visa for Change of Employment it is the company as opposed to the applicant that initiates this process, which takes place while the applicant is already working in the UK. It is necessary for an applicant to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship and to undergo a reassessment under the Points Test.The objective of this visa is to enable the applicant to move to another post within their company, or to another employer altogether. Under the terms of this visa the applicants is permitted to work full-time for the employer throughout his or her stay.The maximum stay under this type of permit is five years, dependant upon the terms requested by the sponsoring company. Following this period it may be possible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). However the issue of a Type 2 Visa Change of Employment Visa does not imply the automatic right to live and work in the UK as such.

An Applicant For A Permit For Working In The UK Must Have One Of The Following:

an applicable degree
a non-applicable degree and one year’s experience.
an applicable HND-level qualification
an HND-level qualification that isn’t relevant to the post on offer but also one year of relevant work experience at NVQ (level 3)
three years of experience that is relevant to the post

Occupations In Shortage

Employers who need to fill a post that is on the shortage list and who wish to do so through means of a Working Permit sponsorship do not need to advertise the vacancy generally before sponsoring an applicant, as the post by dint of its appearance on the list is considered to difficult to fill from within the resident work pool. However for any position that does not appear on this list employers are required to demonstrate that they have attempted to recruit from within the EU before offering a sponsorship.

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