Check Out The Updated UK Immigration Visa Fees for 2018

Recently, the UK government has announced the hike in UK immigration visa fees for those who want to visit or settle in the UK. The announcement was made and implemented effectively from the month of April and the news for the visa fee increment for the session 2018-19 can also be seen on the UK immigration website.

Visa Free Increment

Instead of making a major increment, the UK government has made small increments across the board. But none of the increment is hefty enough to make a dent in the pocket.

If we go step by step then one of the most significant increments are seen in the visa application form price. There is a notable increase of £56 in the application form fee and the application for indefinite leave for the members of Armed forces witnessed a hike of £92. Apart from these two, all the other increases in visa fees are trivial.

Visa Fee Reduction

Various small reductions are done this year in the applications. Some reduction for the administrative matters and other for the application for settlement for the refugee dependent relative and i.e £35. Although all these reductions in the visa fees don’t look hefty. But the UK government has made a major decision that will influence the entry of all the immigrants looking to enter the UK. Those who want to get the comprehensive knowledge of visa fee hike can contact uk immigration help online and get the information they are looking for.

Health Surcharge

All the immigrants know that the UK has a healthcare system which is run through taxes. The health surcharge is the particular amount taken by the government from the citizens so that they can get access to the quality medical facility without being charged. In the UK, the health surcharge currently is £200 for a whole year. After the hike visa fee, the health surcharge amount is almost doubled and currently stands for £400 per year for most of the migrants and £300 per year for the students. All these hikes in the health surcharge also increase the visa fees for all the immigrants.

The motive behind increasing the health surcharge is to boost the income of national health service so that they can cover up the medical in the time of crisis. But, ultimately it will affect the flow of immigrants in the country and make it even more unaffordable for them. The applications are up but there is a hope among the immigrants that the UK government might cut down the hike in the future. You can also sign the petition running online against the recent increase in visa fee. Call the professional human rights solicitor for that.

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