China Offers Easier Visa Permits to Highly Skilled Professionals

China is a land of immense opportunities and every year myriad of working professionals flew to China to grab their dream job. One intriguing and respectful thing about China is that they really appreciate the hard workers and skilled professionals. They left no stone unturned to attract the foreign professionals and highly-skilled workers to make them work in China and bloom the economic rate expeditiously.

Recently, China announced some relaxation in the visa for China policies for foreign working professionals as a part of their strategy to boost the economic growth of China. Now, the new China visa for the skilled professionals will be valid for the time duration of 5 to 10 years. China is groping badly for the talents in the domains like entrepreneurship, technology, IT industry, FMCG for the country whopping economic and social development.

Many working professionals have a question that who will be considered as highly skilled professionals as per the Chinese government. The talents who fall in the categories like scientist, entrepreneurs, technology juggernauts and the foreign policy experts are the hot favorites categories of the Chinese government. Also, Chinese officials said, categories could be expanded as per the demand for the talents in the various local and global industries. The administration said spouses and their children can also acquire a similar visa as soon as they fill up and submit their application form. The best part about the new policy is foreign professional could get qualification confirmation within five working days which is simply commendable.

Professionals can fill the visa application online and is free of cost. As soon as the administration receives the application they will start acting on them. At a time, visa holders will be allowed to remain in China for up to 180 days and after that, they will be eligible to bring their spouse and children to China. According to a document released by the Chinese government, successful Olympic athletes, Noble prize winners, and the head of the prominent institutions or world-famous colleges of financial institutions, music and art institutions, and other accolades received professors of the prestigious universities fit under the criteria of skilled professions. They can also apply for the China visa.

Currently, China is standing at a very crucial stage of its economic structuring and development. Adding the world-class talents and professionals will propel the growth of economy manifold times and surely make China a global business leader. As per the Chinese administration “ China not only make the best use of local resources but it is equally enthusiastic about welcoming the foreign talents that’s why we have adopted a more open foreign policy”.

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