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Before flying to China from the United Kingdom, it is important that people get their visa done from the Visa Center in London. For the applicants who belong to the age between 14 and 70, it is necessary to visit the embassy for the bio metric processes. You don’t have to worry, as many service providers can help you throughout the visa process. All that you have to do is, pick the professional and best one of the lots. There are different kinds of visas, and the embassy will provide you with the perfect one according to the purpose of your visit. Would you please pick up the threads of reading to know more about the Visa processes?

Things that you need to know about Visa for China.

It is important that you carry a visa authorised from the Chinese embassy in order to enter into China. This is applicable to any foreigner entering China. There are few exceptions, such as Singapore, Japan and Brunei, where they do not require a visa to enter China when it is regarding business, family visit or tourism. But if the people who enter China without a visa and they are planning to stay for more than 15 days. Then, it is not possible because, for this duration, the visa is a must for even these people.

Many different types of visas are present for the people of the UK to enter China. And each vis is classified based on an alphabet. For example, when a person from the UK is planning to visit China for tourism, their visa will be marked L, which is the indication for a tourist’s visa. On the other hand, if the person is planning to visit China for a business, then the letter M is used for classifying this type of visa. Though there are more types of visas that are applicable for the people of the UK to China, only these two are commonly prevailing.

China’s rules concerning Visas are strict and thus have to be perfectly followed for no discrepancies. The Visa process and applications are not applicable through emails but can be done through the postal service, for which they charge extra. It is always better to have a face on and direct meet with the embassy for your visa or via trusted and professional third-party service providers.

The documents that will be required

A few documents will be required from the Chinese embassy to provide you with your visa and for filling china visa application. These forms are mandatory, and thus there should be no manipulations that can lead to severe troubles. A few of the important documents are:

Passport: The first and foremost document that is required is the passport that has to be clear with a minimum of 6 months before renewal or valid until when you enter China. It is necessary that you also have two extra pages that are blank before entering China.

Passport size photo: It is necessary that you have a clear passport size that is a minimum of 6 months older so that it will be accepted by the Chinese embassy. The photo should have a plain background. It is important that you check will the other details of requirements about the passport photo from the embassy.

Copy of documents: It is also mandatory that you provide a copy of the passport along with a copy of the visa if you have visited China before to the Chinese for providing you with a visa.

Application form procedure: This is the first and basic step that has to be done to proceed with you getting a visa for China. It must be electronic and fully typed with signature and date accurately. Please note the few requirements and procedures to fill the form in a perfect manner so that your visa generation commencement process can be a success.

Declaration form procedure: It is important that you sign the declaration form provided by the Chinese embassy with a black pen. It should not be done electronically because the embassy does not consider the signature to be authenticated.

Fingerprint collection: The Chinese embassy has made it mandatory to collect the fingerprints of all the people of the UK who are willing to get a visa to China. People between the ages of 14 to 70 have to visit the Visa centres on the appointment date and provide them with their fingerprints. In a professional service providing company, there will be a representative who will accompany you and help you in all the processes. So, you don’t have to worry even if you are new to all these processes.

If you have an idea about travelling further, then it is important that you let them know prior.

Are you visiting someone in China?

Suppose you are looking to get a visa from the Chinese embassy by applying to them through China Visa application centres to visit someone in China. Then, there are few documents that you have to submit before the visa proceedings. They are:

  • Have your passport that is a minimum of 6 months before expiry so that you are able to get the visa to enter China without any trouble.
  • It is necessary that you have a copy of your passport and visa if you have already visited Chine for the confirmation and other procedures.
  • It is also important that you have a good passport size photo that is clear and has a plain background that is a minimum of 6 months old. Your childhood photos or older than six months photos are not valid. It is also important that you have filled your application and declaration forms properly according to the asked requirements.
  • The invitation letter is necessary. If you require a visa to Chine for visiting someone, then an invite for you from the person living in China is necessary to be provided. This is for the confirmation purposes. Background checks will happen for both you and the person whom you are visiting, and then upon clearance, you will be provided with the visa. There will also be other information that has to be provided by you.
  • There will also be the requirement of proof of relationship, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate, in order to verify your relationship with the person residing in China.
  • Your resident card or passport and other required documents will also be collected along with your fingerprint, which is mandatorily included in the collection of documents.

Types of visas that you can apply

There are several types of visas that can be applied, and there are different procedures that will be followed for each visa type process. It is important that you know all these procedures and types of visas so that you have a clear idea about what you are going to obtain. They are:

Obtaining Tourist Visa

Tourist’s visas are generally labelled by L letter for easy classification. These visas allow people to travel from their country to China as a tourist and will be able to stay there up to 30 days. On the other hand, there are some specifications for the UK, Canada, US, and Argentina where the people can take a ten-year tourist visa. This reduces the time and works to re-apply for their visa every visit. But you can visit multiple times China with your 10-year validity visa only until the validity ends. If you are a tourist with a 10-year visa then, you can stay up to 60 days of maximum in China. Another important thing is that if you are going on a tour to China along with your family. Then, the Chinese embassy does not provide individual visas. But what they do is that they provide you with a group visa which will have all the names of your family members on the visa.

Documents for submission: There are few documents that have to be submitted before getting your visa to enter China as a tourist. The person who is applying for the visa should submit a passport that at least has a 6-month validity so that you will be considered for getting a visa to China. It should be attached with your passport size photo that is clear and with a plain background. If you are going on a tour, then you should provide them with the proof of hotel reservations. You should also submit the details of the invitation and their number, residence and the other required proof if you are going to visit someone in China. You will also be asked to produce your relationship proof.

For minor travelers: If you are a minor below 18 years of age, then it is important that the parent signs for the visa process and the birth certificate of the kid must be provided. On the other hand, if a child under the age of 6 years old is travelling along with you, then the birth certificate of the child must also be submitted for cross-verification and approval.

If you are planning to visit Tibet, Macau and Hong Kong, then it is important that you take permits and visas according to entry requirements. You don’t have to worry because, when you are selecting a professional visa service provider, they will guide you in all aspects. Hong Kong and Macau maintains their borders independently and thus require proper permissions and visa process to visit these beautiful places.

Media personals: if you are a media person or religious worker who want to visit China from the United Kingdom, then it is necessary that you submit the approval from your employer for processing further for your visa. The application from your employer must contain all the necessary details and declarations required for continuing with the visa process.

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Are you a non-UK citizen applying for a Chinese visa?

For a non-British citizen residing in the UK, it is important that you provide the China Visa application centre with your legality documents such as your original and copy of birth certificates. The proof that states you are a student or an employee, then you have to provide them with the proof. This will help in the background checking process. And fastens the visa providing works.

Getting Business Visa

Another important and most commonly obtained visa is the business visa which will be classified with the letter M for providing more clarification. This visa is mostly used by the people who are intended to visit China for business-related purposes such as meeting clients, for trading and signing contracts etc., depending upon their purpose of travel.

Chinese visa can be approved and obtained only after proper submission of the necessary documents, which will provide an efficient and faster visa process. The business visa can provide you with a maximum of 90 days stay in China. It is also important that the applicant who requests a Chinese visa must provide the Visa Application centre with an invitation obtained from their business partner or trade people living in China. This helps them in the confirmation of how true your reason for visiting China is.

There are few details such as name, passport number, date of birth and other information that must be filled cautiously without any errors. It should also be clearly mentioned with the purpose of the visit detailed and clear to avoid any confusion. These details should also contain the details of the person who has invited you to Chine regarding their business proposal or whatsoever.

The emergency business visa

There are few possibilities to obtain an emergency business visa when you have to act faster and rush to China on your business works. But obtaining an emergency visa will require perfect documents that will be required for proper clarifications. Thus, this visa will be provided only upon proper provision of the required documents.

The Work-related visa

This visa is mainly availed by people and is offered by the Chinese embassy for paid job offers. This visa is classified as Z type which denotes the work visa. If you are an artist and is willing to perform in Chine, then it is possible that you can opt for a work visa. One of the most common jobs offers that foreigners take up in China is teaching English. To get your visa approved for the same, it is important that you have at least a Bachelor’s degree and also experienced in the relevant job and knowing English.

When you have a Chinese work visa, you can stay in China for only about 30 days. Within this period, your employer must provide you with a temporary residence which can help in extending your stay in China from a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 5 years. This stay can be extended only based upon the temporary residence that is being provided to you.

There is a certain age limit for obtaining this work visa. This is probably from 18 to 60 years of age. But if the person who is hiring is sure that they want a person who does not fall between this category, then a Z visa will be provided after a few procedures and requirements of documentation.

Obtaining Non-commerce visa

For the activities such as study tours, attending lectures or research and others are provided with the non-commerce visa, which is also labelled as the F visa for classification. The non-commerce visa provides a validity ranging from 30 to 90 days and not much more than that. The documents that are required to obtain the visa must be submitted.

These documents should be passport and passport size photographs along with the submission of invitation from the institution for background checks and reference purposes. The company or institution through which the applicant is going to attend the research or study. Those contact details must be provided cautiously without any deviation or misinformation. If you are having an invitation letter, then it is much better to attach them with the documents that you are currently providing them for the visa process.

Getting Student visa

There are many students who are willing to study in China and pursue their education. These students will require a visa that will help them enter China. This visa is called the student visa, or it is also being labelled as X visa. This X visa has its classification. This is classified into two types, namely the X1 and X2 visas. The X1 visa is for the students who are going to stay in China for more than six months for pursuing their education. On the other hand, an X2 visa is provided for the students who are going to stay in China for less than six months.

The documents that have to be submitted to claim the student visa by the applicant are the passport, their details, passport size photo according to the requirements of the embassy. Since it is a student visa, there is also the need to submit the admission and permission letter that will be offered from the school or the institution which the student is going to study. It is also important to note that if the student is going to study in China for more than six months, then it is important that they provide the original visa application for a study visa.

Getting Private visit

There are situations where you have to reach China for private visits. For example, someone who is very close to you in relation is in China for work or study. And, you intend to visit them, then you will be provided with the private visit visa, which is labelled as the S visa for classification. It can also be used for the purposes such as attending marriages, medical treatments etc.

Similar to the student visas, China has also classified the private visit visas into two types, namely the S1 and S2 visas. The S1 visa is provided to the applicants when they are planning to stay in China for more than 180 days. On the other hand, the S2 kind of visas are provided to the applicants who will be staying in China for less than 180 days.

But the minimum number of stays will be 30 days, and the time duration can be extended only when the people take a temporary residence and provide the China embassy with the specific details and this can be extended only to a maximum of 5 years based on the following certain procedures.

If you are going to visit someone close in China, who is working or studying there, then it is important that you attach the invitation that is obtained from the person along with the documents while applying for a visa. The invitation letter should contain the name, address and other information that are necessary and will help the embassy in going through background checks for safety purposes.

Obtaining Transit visa

Another kind of visa is the transit visa. This visa is used when you have to reach another country via China. Then this transit visa is mandatory for that purpose. If you are choosing the best and professional visa service providers. Then you don’t have to struggle and worry because they will help you in getting the transit visa. Transit visas usually have a validity of three months and the duration that will help you stay in China with the transit visa is a maximum of 10 days. But there are around 53 countries and the UK who can enjoy the benefits of visa-free transits for 24, 72 and 144 hours.

The China talent

There is also another type of visa called the China talent visa. This visa is also labelled as an R visa and can be obtained by high-level professionals and personals. These people will usually be provided with a visa that can accommodate multiple entries and visits that can be valid from 5 to 10 years. This China talent visa is provided by China to show their love and respect for people from other countries who are happy in providing a comfortable and friendly surrounding for working and benefits.

There are also other types of visas, such as the China journalist visa and family reunion visas. These have their own formats and procedures that have to be followed. It is important that you choose professional visa service providers to get the best of the rest.

We at unique visa services help you throughout your Visa process journey to make it a successful one. For more information, please visit our website https://www.uvsuk.com/china-visa-application/or dial to +441619562003 +442072052282. You can also reach us via mail hello@uvsuk.com.

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Additional Information for your Chinese Visa

Children under the age of 18

Childs original and copy of birth certificate. This must be the one that has the parents information. At least one parent must sign declaration on the Chinese visa application form. We will require original passports of both passports and photocopy of the information page.

Covid rules for travel

Due to this rule changing quite frequently Unique Visa Services do recommend checking with the government website. Please follow the link to the official site https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/china/coronavirus. We do recommend checking this before applying for your China visa and also after you have received your visa for China.

Additional documents if born in mainland China

If this is the first time you are applying for China visa since in the UK we will need your old Chinese passport. If you have had a previous visa for China then we will need that (if in old passport)

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. For a UK citizen, on tourist and business visas, normally they grant a two year visa (subject to Consulate discretion). With a two year visa, they can stay up to 90 days at a time. Chinese embassy issues visa for single entry and multiple entries and once it has been issued you have to apply for a new one next time. The validity or duration of time limit cannot be extended regardless of the number of entries. The visa is valid from the day stamped and number of days a visa holder is permitted to stay is counted from the day visitor enter in China. The cost depends on the service you select
For more information regarding China visa cost, feel free to browse the website.

A. Many of the China visa applications rejected every year by the Chinese embassy because of the errors in the application form. The Chinese embassy is very stringent when it comes to the filling of details in the application form. Once you have submitted the form, you cannot change any information you provided. It is better to cross check the application form multiple time before submission. When you acquire our visa services, there is minimum or no chance of making mistake because as an agent, we double cross check the information before submitting the form.

A. No. You will not receive any refund in any circumstances, if your visa application get rejected. As the Chinese embassy also charge the Unique visa services for the visa application and processing and we don’t have any saying in this decision.

A. You can easily track your application via our online visa application tracker system. Once your visa application is submitted, an automatic e-mail will inform you about the submission of application. You can check the entire history of the visa application process just on a click of mouse.

A. Right from the scratch, Unique visa services gives you China visa application form to fill up and ask you to attach all the relevant documents and send it to us. Once we receive the documents along with visa application form, we will go through it painstakingly and start the processing. Normally application is reviewed on the day of arrival and submit for processing the next business day. As soon as we receive your stamped visa with passport, we will dispatch it right to your doorstep.

A. For most of the countries passport is valid for at least six months. If you are on a trip and passport expires before the completion then you must apply for the passport renewal with in the time period. To enter the China, a passport with at least six month validity is required.

A.Z visa also known as work visa is allotted to those who have obtained the work permit and intend to work in the China. A letter of employment is required from the applicant side to get the employment license from the Chinese government.

A. If you are visiting the China for the first time, you will be allowed to have a double entry visa with 2 year validity ( For UK Citizen). Multiple entry visas are only granted to the applicants who have been to China before.

A. With China, you can leave within duration of stay. For example if the visa expires on 28th May 2018 and you the China on 27th May 2018 with a 90 day duration visa, then you have 90 days to exit. But it is always advised to check with embassy (as they can change rules over night), and the airline schedule also.

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