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As per Chinese laws and guidelines, and based on the standard of correspondence, as of 1st November 2018, all the Chinese Visa Application Service Centers in London, Manchester and Edinburgh (hereinafter alluded to as ‘Visa Application Centers’) will take fingerprints of all visa candidates in the interest of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the U.K.

Please note that fingerprints are not required for:

  1. Kids under 14 years of age and grown-ups more than 70 years of age;
  2. Applicants who have fingers mutilation or for whom the fingerprints can’t be collected for various reasons.

* China visitors whose fingerprints don’t match might be denied entry to the country and might result in other consequences.
—All applicants are requested to visit our office before 10:30 am from Monday to Friday as the fingerprints are required to be collected face to face at all the Visa Application Centers. We will proceed with the other VISA formalities on the same day. —-

—Applicants willing to apply for the VISA via our postal services, once the documents are received and verified we will arrange and inform you the time when the finger prints can be collected in our office, you can visit us as per the appointment shared.—-

—We request every applicant to make an appointment to our office as soon as possible prior to the travel date to avoid any hassles. —-

Obtaining a Visa for China can be a complicated process, thanks to its strict immigration policies and varied rules. But with help from Unique Visa Services, the process of getting the permissions you need to travel to the country is much easier.

Typically, China Visa applicants have to stand in line at the Visa Application Centre and wait for their application to be processed – something that can take hours. But with Unique Visa Services, you can take the hassle out of the application. No matter which Chinese Visa you need, we can take over the process for you, eliminating time-wasting and ensuring accurate completion of all forms and documents.

By Choosing Unique Visa Services, You’ll Get A Host Of Benefits

Professional Consultations And Document Checking

Consultants at our Chinese Visa service offices, based in Manchester and London, can help you to navigate the complicated and sometimes confusing Chinese visa process. All our consultants are professionals who understand how it all works intimately and can provide excellent guidance, whether you need a business visa, a tourist visa, a non-business visa, and China F visa, and China C visa, a China Z visa, or a China cruise visa.

One of the main reasons for visa application rejection is mistakes in the application forms. To get a quick China visa, the application needs to be filled out with perfect accuracy. If you’re concerned about accuracy or need a visa quickly, then get in touch with us today. Our professionals have more than ten years of experience and have helped more than 45,000 people file visa applications.

Daily Submission Time Slots

At Unique Visa Services, we understand that time may not always be on your side when applying for a quick China visa. Our offices have daily submission time slots, meaning that we can make applications on your behalf on any day of the week, helping you get your visa as quickly as possible.

Unique Visa Services is a professional visa agency, regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), a regulatory body which ensures high standards of service. Thanks to our position in the immigration community, we can streamline your application process, helping to speed it up and avoid long queues.

It is compulsory to make an appointment in advance at the Visa Application Centre. We will assist you in booking slots at a time of your convenience.

Individual Assistance During The Submission Process At The Visa Application Centre

In order to obtain a China visa, you’ll need to visit the Visa Application Centre in London (although a new online service is available as of December 2018). While there, our consultants can assist in the submission process, ensuring that you avoid mistakes and submit your application in good time.

The application process can be complicated. Not only do you have to fill out forms accurately, but you may also need to upload a qualifying photo which meets the standards set out by the Chinese consulate. Our consultants can help you ensure that the picture your choose meets the criteria set out by the immigration authorities.

The Visa Application Centre has strict rules for who can apply for a visa and when. It also has rules around the paper submission of documents, which may not be evident for people who are not familiar with the system.

People between the ages of 14 and 70 must have their fingerprints taken as part of the visa application process at the Visa Application Centre.

There’s no need to leave any part of the process of applying for a Chinese visa to chance. Our experts are here to help you get the visa you need, without disappointment. Speak with us today and find out how we can help manage your application, from determining the kind of visa that best suits your needs to accurately filling out all forms, submitting relevant documents, and providing a valid photo.

Choose Us For Your China Visa Today

  • Around The Clock Support. Applying for a visa need not be stressful. With Unique Visa Services by your side, you’ll get around-the-clock support, from choosing the correct visa to getting assistance at the Visa Application Centre in Manchester or London.
  • Vast Experience. Unique Visa Services has been operating since 2008 and has helped more than 45,000 people acquire visas in that time. Our experts can help guide you through the unique aspects of the Chinese visa process.
  • UK-Based. Unique Visa Services is accredited by the OISC, giving you peace of mind. When you choose us, you’re choosing vetted, qualified professionals.
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  1. Tourist Visa
  • Passport – Your passport should be valid for atleast next 6 months with two blank pages.
  • Photocopy of Flight Tickets
  • Photocopy of Hotel Booking
  • Invitation letter, if your purpose is to visit a family/friend. For Chinese residents photocopy of any government ID card is required. For non-Chinese residents, photocopy of passport is required.

Check out the complete requirements for your China Tourist Visa here.

  1. Business Visa

To acquire a China Business Visa, A business invitation letter is required on letter headed paper along with following documents –

  • Full Name of the Applicant
  • Passport number of the Applicant
  • DOB of the Applicant
  • Signed and Stamped
  • Addressed to the Chinese Consulate

If your applying in London, then following information  is required on the invite letter for visa for china , including the above mentioned one –

  • Place and purpose of visit
  • Financial responsibility
  • Duration of the trip
  • Relation between the person who is inviting and who is getting invited
  • Signed and Stamped Letter in Chinese
  • Photocopy of Chinese ID card of person who invited or Duly Authorization Letter issued by the Chinese Foreign affairs.

Check out the complete requirements for your China Business Visa here.

  1. China Z Visa Requirements (Work Visa)
  • Passport with at least 6 months duration after the applicant’s intended entry date;
  • China work visa application form
  • Atleast 2 passport size photographs
  • Invitation letter by a Chinese organization
  • Employment permit

Check out the complete requirements for your China Work Visa here.

  1. China F Visa Requirements – (Non Business Visa)
  • Original and signed passport plus one photocopy of the information page.
  • China Visa Application Form (Signed)
  • Atleast 2 colored photographs
  • Letter Of Invitation
  • Proof of Travel Arrangements ( flight tickets & hotel booking)
  • Residency Status

Check out the complete requirements for your China Non Business visa here.

  1. China C Visa Requirements – ( Crew Visa)
  • Passport with photocopy of the name page
  • China visa application form
  • Atleast 2 colored photographs
  • Invitation Letter
  • Original and photocopy of crew members ID card

Check out the complete requirements for your China Crew Visa here.

  1. China Cruise Visa Requirements


  • Passport with photocopy of the name page
  • China visa application form
  • Atleast 2 colored photographs
  • Cruise itinerary

Check out the complete requirements for your China Cruise Visa here


Q. How Long is my China visa valid for and how much does it cost?

A. For a UK citizen, on tourist and business visas, normally they grant a two year visa (subject to Consulate discretion). With a two year visa, they can stay up to 90 days at a time. Chinese embassy issues visa for single entry and multiple entries and once it has been issued you have to apply for a new one next time. The validity or duration of time limit cannot be extended regardless of the number of entries. The visa is valid from the day stamped and number of days a visa holder is permitted to stay is counted from the day visitor enter in China.

The cost of China visa is entirely depends of number of entries and type of visa you want to acquire. For more information regarding China visa cost, feel free to browse the website.

Q. If my china visa is rejected, Do I receive a refund?

A.  No. You will not receive any refund in any circumstances, if your visa application get rejected. As the Chinese embassy also charge the Unique visa services for the visa application and processing and we don’t have any saying in this decision.

Q. Where can I check the status of my China visa application?

A. You can easily track your application via our online visa application tracker system. Once your visa application is submitted, an automatic e-mail will inform you about the submission of application. You can check the entire history of the visa application process just on a click of mouse.

Q. I made a mistake on my personal information when processing the China visa. Can I modify the form?

A. Many of the China visa applications rejected every year by the Chinese embassy because of the errors in the application form. The Chinese embassy is very stringent when it comes to the filling of details in the application form. Once you have submitted the form, you cannot change any information you provided. It is better to cross check the application form multiple time before submission. When you acquire our visa services, there is minimum or no chance of making mistake because as an agent, we double cross check the information before submitting the form.

Q. How does Unique Visa Services obtain a China visa for me?

A. Right from the scratch, Unique visa services gives you China visa application form to fill up and ask you to attach all the relevant documents and send it to us. Once we receive the documents along with visa application form, we will go through it painstakingly and start the processing. Normally application is reviewed on the day of arrival and submit for processing the next business day. As soon as we receive your stamped visa with passport, we will dispatch it right to your doorstep.

Q. How Long is my passport be valid for international travel?

A. For most of the countries passport is valid for at least six months. If you are on a trip and passport expires before the completion then you must apply for the passport renewal with in the time period. To enter the China, a passport with at least six month validity is required.

Q. What is the Z visa in China?

A. Z visa also known as work visa is allotted to those who have obtained the work permit and intend to work in the China. A letter of employment is required from the applicant side to get the employment license from the Chinese government.

Q. I have never had a Chinese visa before, can I apply for a multiple entry 12 month visa?

A. If you are visiting the China for the first time, you will be allowed to have a double entry visa with 2 year validity ( For UK Citizen). Multiple entry visas are only granted to the applicants who have been to China before.

Q. Do I need to leave China before my visa expires?

A. With China, you can leave within duration of stay. For example if the visa expires on 28th May 2018 and you  the China on 27th May 2018 with a 90 day duration visa, then you have 90 days to exit. But it is always advised to check with embassy (as they can change rules over night), and the airline schedule also.

Q. Do I need a visa to visit China?

A. A valid passport and visa is required to visit the China. The passport validity must be of 6 months with atleast two blank passport pages for visa and entry stamps.


How to apply!

  • Select your Country as China and visa type you want from the search box above.
  • Complete the forms (Both Declaration and Application) which are mentioned under requirement docs of particular country.
  • Send documents to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery.
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