Everything You Wanted To Know About Civil Partnerships in the UK

Recently, the honorable UK court granted the right to civil partnerships to the heterosexual couples in the UK. Earlier, this right was only limited to the same-sex couples but after this decision, any individual who is above 16 years of age can form a civil relationship ( divorced, single, and windowed).

Let’s start from the scratch where it all started. In the year 2014, UK court legalized the same-sex marriage which simple means gay or lesbian couple can form a civil partnership. But, for heterosexual couples, marriage to date is the only option. Not a long time ago, a British couple filed an appeal in the top UK court and said that this law is pure discrimination against the heterosexual couples and they should be granted the law to create a civil relationship with the person they wish to.

The like-minded British judges took the appeal seriously and after the meticulous discussion, they came to the conclusion that right to enter a civil relationship should be granted to the heterosexual couples. This move is all about addressing the imbalance between the rights of same-sex and heterosexual couples. Still, the legalization part is pending but the very decision is a big step forward for the couples who are keen to be in a civil partnership.

All this hustle to gain the right, one questions arise in the mind of most of the individuals that why heterosexual couples want this right. The answer to this question can be defined with a single point. There is a range of reason which propelled the couples to take a step in this direction. Firstly, the institution of marriage doesn’t reflect equal relationship because of the predefined gender roles. Most of the couples said that women are treated as the property of the man from centuries. The right to form a civil relationship will abash the very concept of gender roles.

The second key reason is, they want to provide the environment of equality to their children and they personally feel that civil right partnership is the right institution to set the best examples for the children. As there are two sides of the coin, similarly, there are also a plethora of unanimous couples who don’t want to opt the right to the civil partnership because of personal reasons. Couples said that civil partnership can cause a lot of distress in critical situations like birth and death. Couples will have very few inheritances and pension rights. Although, the government said that they will consider the legal issues of pension and family law for the heterosexual couples but it is going to take some time.

The whole process to establish civil partnership right is going at a very sluggish place but the great news is it is happening and sooner or later it will be legalized by the UK government.

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