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You can come to the U.K as Fiance or proposed civil partner of someone who is British Citizen or settled in the U.K. and you wish to get married in the U.K Unique Visa Services can assist you at every stage of the process of applying for a Fiance Visa or once you have got married in the U.K then switching into Spouse / Civil Partner Visa. As a specialist in UK immigration law, we can provide expert legal advice and assist you with your UK visa application.This visa is generally granted for six months. Once you come to the U.K and get married then you apply for spouse/civil partner visa which will be issued initially for two and a half year probation period.

You Will Need To Meet The Following Marriage Visa Requirements:

You and your partner are both aged 18 or over at the date of application.

You and your partner have met in person.

You plan to get married in the U.K within reasonable time (within 6 months of your visa).

Your relationship with your partner is genuine and subsisting.

You should be legally married.

You and your partner intend to live together permanently in the UK.

You partner need to show that he/she can support and accommodate you without using public funds. They have got suitable accommodation for you and certain level of income and savings.

You also need to fulfill the English Language Requirement. You need to show that you have passed approved English Language test or you have degree level qualification (in English language medium) or you are a citizen of English Speaking Countries.

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