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Are you looking for the best visa service from the UK for your Indian visa?


The Indian Embassy provides many kinds of visas, including Indian tourist visas, conference and meeting visas, business visas and long-term visas to foreign citizens based on your purpose of visit and passport type. In addition to citizens of Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal, citizens of other countries also need visas to visit India. To apply for an Indian visa, the type you need will depend on your purpose of travel and length of stay. But before that, it is important that you identify the best visa providers in the UK. We at Unique visa service ensure that you have your visa for India from UK without spending much of your valuable time. So, please continue scrolling to know more about Indian visas.

Documents that can be common for getting an Indian visa


The most important thing is the letter of employment. For example, when you are a present who is serving in the armed force, airlines or other government and safety-related jobs, then it is of utmost importance that you provide the Indian embassy with a letter. This letter has to clearly state upon your visit which will be encouraged only for tourism, and there will be no official procedures that will be carried out during your visit. This one is necessary to ensure safety.

If you are a child who is under the age of 16, then it is necessary to submit few documents that will have their identity documents. Since the child is of below 16 years old, it is needed to provide certain information such as parents information like name, employment details. A consent letter is also mandatory, which has to be signed by the parents along with their passport that is original.

Another advantage of choosing Unique visa services is that urgent business visas can be done within a short period, which will take just a day to process. This can be of very much use if you want to get a business visa to India urgently.

What to know about an Indian visa?


The Indian visa application for the UK can be a regular visa or an e-visa. The Indian general tourist visa requires applicants to submit their passports to Unique Visa Services or the Indian Embassy for stamping. The e-visa is a completely online program. The visa is issued when the applicant is travelling for business, tourism or medical purposes. If you travel for other reasons such as study, employment, or filming, you will need a regular visa. So, there are so many different kinds of Indian visas that will be provided based upon the reason and duration of stay in the country. You can also obtain the Indian visa Manchester. With some legal documents, you can get your visa without much stress or tension. You don’t have to worry because a professional will always be with you guiding you through the procedures from Unique visa service providers.

Everything you need to know about E-visa to India


According to the purpose of their trip, applicants can apply for an India tourist visa, an e-conference visa, an e-commerce visa, a medical assistant visa, or a medical visa. Four thousand four hundred forty-four citizens from almost 161 countries, including the UK, will have the right to apply for an Indian visa online. If you are travelling or visiting family and friends, you need an Indian tourist visa. Similarly, applicants can apply for e-commerce visas for business meetings, business trips, and negotiations. Tourist visas and e-commerce visas are valid for one year from the date of issue and allow applicants to stay in India for a maximum of 180 days per visit. The e-conference visa is designed for people attending conferences in India. It is a single-entry visa from the date of issue, which allows the holder to reside in India for up to 30 days. Indian Medical Visas and Medical Assistant Visas must be used by people who need medical assistance in India. The visa starts when you arrive in India and can stay for up to 90 days.

All Indian e-visas can be used up to 3 times a year. Tourists with e-visas can pass through Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Goa, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Gaya, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Visakhapatnam, Madurai, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Trilansi and other international airports. India, Calicut, Mangalore, Pune, Nagpur, Coimbatore, Bagdogra, Guwahati, Port Blair or the visa ports of Cochin, Mumbai, Chennai, Momuga and New Mangalore. All India Visa requires the applicant to possess a legal machine-readable passport within six months from the date of arrival in India. The passport must also have two blank pages to stamp.

These details are just provided so that you will get a clear idea about your purpose of visit to India and also know the different types of visas. You might even get overwhelmed while seeing all these different kinds of visas and get stressed up. But the simple truth is that with Unique visa service providers at your side, you will not waste your precious time. Right from the start till the end, you will be completely helped and guided in a professional and comfortable manner.

Do you know the types of Indian visas that are available?


It is very easy to put Indian visa application from UK. All that it takes is some proper timing and documents that have to be submitted for verification purposes. When you are able to submit the important documents, then you don’t have to stress up because there can be no delay in processing. A few different kinds of Indian visas that you can opt for are:

  • Regular Indian Tourist Visa 
  • Business Visa 
  • India Business Emergency Visa 
  • India Employment Visa 
  • India Student Visa 
  • India Entry Visa 
  • India Intern Visa 
  • Indian Conference Visa 
  • Journalist Visa India 
  • India Film / Fashion Visa 
  • India Research Visa
  • India Transit Visa 
  • Indian Medical Visa 
  • Accompanying Medical Visa

All these are a few kinds of visas that are available for you to choose from.

What is a business visa?


Business visas are for people doing business in India, for example preparing for sales or networking for companies. India Business Visa is generally valid for one year, for one or multiple entries. However, the duration of stay in India for this type of visa is limited to six months. When submitting a business visa application, a copy of the invitation letter from the Indian company and the original signed letter from the British company must be provided. This is not a requirement for an India e-commerce visa. You can also opt for Indian visa Manchester if you are in need on one.

Regular Indian visa


The Indian tourist visa is applicable to foreigners who are applying for an Indian visa and who are not Indian residents or working in India. The activities covered by this visa are limited to meeting friends, family, traveling, attending a wedding or sightseeing. For other activities, an Indian visa is required and it is valid for one year, but this depends on the embassy and can grant a short-term validity. When it comes to a quality service from the visa providers, you do not have to waste your time and money running here and there, but Unique visa services will provide an extended service by helping you get your Indian visa at the correct instance of time. The ordinary Indian tourist visa cannot be extended, and the applicant must return before the visa expires.Applicants must present a passport valid for at least 180 days, with at least two photos and two blank pages.

Conference and meeting Indian visa


Conference visas are granted to applicants who are invited to participate in seminars or conferences organized by the Indian government or government departments, central educational institutions, state governments, public sector. State governments, public finance universities, the United Nations and its specialized agencies, and well-known non-governmental organizations. If you must attend a privately organized meeting, you can apply for a business visa. You can apply by applying for an economic visa. If a paper visa is required, the applicant will need a letter from the conference organizer and a copy of the conference organizer’s authorization. Usually this is issued to them by the local government agency. The most important document that has to be with you, when you are planning to opt for an Indian visa with the purpose serving to attend conference or meeting is the proper invitation. When you have the proper invitation from organization or university, then this process can become easier. This information will help in tracking down the information if needed by the Indian embassy.

Medical visa to India


This is also one among the common visas that are being obtained by the people. It helps in staying there for a particular amount of duration in India for medical reasons. When you travel to India for medical treatment in a hospital, treatment center or specialist hospital in India, you need to apply for a medical visa. These treatments must be important, such as neurosurgery, heart problems, kidney disease, eye disease, congenital disease, organ transplantation, gene therapy, joint replacement or radiation therapy. You must show important documents about the type of treatment, and a signature and stamp from a doctor or hospital is required. Each Indian medical visa allows two assistants to visit; both must be blood relatives of the patient. Participants must separately apply for a medical escort visa with the same validity as a medical visa. If the doctor accompanies the patient, they will get a medical assistant visa. The validity period of the medical visa is nearly one year or the treatment period, whichever is the date of issuance. Unique visa service providers will be there out on the field with you and will help you in obtaining your medical visa without much strain.

Indian medical escort visa


When a patient is travelling to India for some medical reasons, then it is important that someone will accompany them. For the person who is accompanying a patient to India will require a visa to travel. Indian medical escort visa serves exactly the same purpose. The important thing that has to be focussed here is that, this medical escort visa can be provided to the person accompanying a patient. Only when the patient has claimed their medical visa. This helps in conformation of the medical need that is being required. The advantage of having this is that, when the person you are going to accompany has a medical visa, then it becomes much easier for you to get the escort visa. The Indian embassy will take care about the visa once all the required documents are submitted without any deviation. The unique service providers team will be available to help and guide you throughout the process of obtaining a visa to India.

Transit visa in India


If you have to cross India to reach your final destination and the maximum stay is 15 days, then you must apply for a transit visa. This visa allows you to change the connecting terminal or check into a hotel before boarding. This visa is valid for single entry and double entry according to your needs. Transit visas are usually valid within three months after issuance. The reason why you cannot change the transit visa, you must show proof of confirmed air ticket. Unique service providers always recommend that you apply for a tourist visa or general tourist visa for India when passing through the designated visa port. Thus, you can be provided with single or double entry and will allow you to stay for 15 days as a transit visa period. It is recommended that you do not cross the maximum number of days to stay out of trouble. But if you want an extension, there are several other procedures that have to be sone to get the extended duration of stay in India.

Do you need a research visa to India?


Researchers, professors and individuals who wish to participate in research conferences, seminars or seminars must apply for research visas. It is very difficult to obtain this visa due to various requirements. The processing time is as long as the time it takes to submit the application to the Ministry of Education for approval, and it can take at least three months to obtain approval. If your partner and family are traveling with you, they must apply for an entry visa. Your termination period will coincide with the period of your visa. The most important document that has to be submitted for easy through of visa verification is the invitation. Whenever you are planning to visit India for meetings or research, it is necessary that you have the approval from education ministry. Though, the research visa might take a while, with Unique visa service providers, you can receive your visa at the minimum period possible.

Indian visa for interns


The Internship Visa is given to applicants who wish to go to an Indian company, charity or educational institution to undertake an internship. When you have a graduate degree, you will be eligible for this visa. You need to provide a letter from the Indian organization in your header, stating the internship plan and the internship time. The time interval between graduation, graduation, and internship should not exceed one year. It is necessary that you have the duration noted, and it is recommended that you follow the extra procedures for the extension of duration. The important document that has to be submitted for obtaining an Indian visa for interns is that you have to attach the invitation from the organization or institution of joining their team as an intern. The invitation should have all the important contact details such as the name of the institution, intern for the field and other information which will help the embassy in cross verification and checking.

Indian entry visa


When you have your relation who is working or studying in India, and you want to meet them. Then it is sure that you will need a visa; this is where an entry visa will help you get through the country. There is a minimum number of stay duration for the Indian entry visa that you are obtaining. It is important that you are aware of this duration. If the applicant does not meet the needs of other types of visas, an entry visa will be granted. For example, if you need to complete short courses in India, such as mountaineering, yoga, or spiritual lessons. Spouse and children of persons travelling to India for employment purposes can apply for entry visas, provided the applicant’s employment visa has been approved. In all cases, a letter from the appropriate organization in India is required explaining the purpose of the visit and the length of stay.

Indian employment visa


If you are willing to work in India, then you can obtain this employment visa which will help you through the country. The Indian Employment Visa will be issued to employees of Indian companies or NGOs who wish to register in India to provide non-profit social services. A consulate or embassy can provide a work visa valid for one year, regardless of the length of the contract. If you are staying for a long time, you can apply to the FRRO / MHA of the relevant state in India for an additional extension of up to five years. These expansions are usually carried out once a year.

 Fashion designers employed in the handicraft industry are not subject to this requirement for the first two years of employment. Employment contracts are mandatory in all cases. This contract must be signed by both parties and contains clauses regarding Indian tax responsibilities. Employers in India must issue a letter or promise confirming the details and work location. If the employer works in an IT company in India, the letter must confirm that it is part of the Indian Software Technology Park and has a registration number or export-oriented unit. The most important document that has to be submitted in order to obtain this employment visa is an offer letter. This letter from the company in India should have all the necessary contact details without any confusion and must mention your name with the job role and acceptance of providing employment. This will help for further confirmation processes and verification methodologies.

Procedure for children under 16 years


There are a few documents in extra that will be required to provide a child under the age of 16 years with an Indian visa. There has to be noted as it will help in the process. They are:

  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate with at least a main name. 
  • Authority signed by parents. 
  • If their parents are copying and their parents are not in the United Kingdom of the United States, you will need a copy of the UK Visa. 
  • Single parents need a copy of the occupation Agreement. Armed Power, Police, Media Professionals, Trade Crew, Charity, worker partner: letter from the employer who is dealing with the high committee of India-who travel to India to do tourism, I will not do a job professional. 
  • For self-employment, personal letters and business are required to ensure that your trip is only for tourism purposes.  

Thus, all these documents will help in obtaining Indian visa early as possible. We at Unique visa services will help you throughout the process by reducing the valuable time that is being spent in this process.

The bottom line


Thus, all these are the important things and documents that you have to know about obtaining an Indian visa. It is also necessary that you provide all the information that is trustworthy. At Unique visa services, it is a procedure of checking the liability of your documents before providing help and guidance in the further process. This will help in ensuring trustworthiness and reduction in the amount of time and energy that you will be spending in this process.

We at unique visa services help you throughout your Visa process journey to make it a successful one. For more information, please visit our website dial to +441619562003 +442072052282. You can also reach us via mail at [email protected]

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Unfortunately once you have gone pass-ed the modify stage on the Indian Visa Form and press-ed submit the form does not allow you to go back and edit. 


lA. Urgent business visa is a type of visa which is issued on the prior basis and are give on the first come and first serve basis by the Indian embassy. Urgent visa is issued on the same day to the individual who is already eligible for the normal business visa. Visa application fee differs for UK and non UK nationals.

A. Unique visa services has several payment methods for its clients. You have the options like debit card, credit card, cheque, cash etc to pay for Indian visa application fees. Payment through the post is not accepted.

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