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Indian Work Visa Fee!

Processing Time

  • up to 10 Working Days
  • 48 Working Hours

Duration of Visa

  • Up to 12 Months Multiple Entry

Embassy Fee

  • up to 10 Working Days £388
  • 48 Working Hours £388

UVS Service Fee

  • up to 10 Working Days £200 plus VAT
  • 48 Working Hours £250 plus VAT


  • 10 Working Days £628
  • 48 Working Hours £688

Optional Costs

  • Form Filling £50 plus VAT

Indian Work Visa Requirement!


Passports should be valid for at least the next 6 months when you enter India and two totally blank pages. One page is for the visa, the other is for the stamp(does not include the page reserved for “observations”.


Two recent 50mm x 50mm size photographs with light background.

Application Form

A completed Indian visa application form, cannot be filled by hand. Please ensure the signature is identical to the one on your passport.

Invitation Letter

An original letter of employment from the applicant’s UK employer. This letter must:

  •     Be on company letterhead paper
  • Include the applicant’s full name as stated in their passport
  • Include the passport number of the applicant
  • Include the date of issue of the passport
  • Include the date of expiry of the passport
  • Include the name of the company of employment in India
  • Request “Employment Visa”
  • State the city/cities of employment. [If already stated in the contract, the letter must state on which page of the contract it appears]

Copy of Contract

  • Be signed by both parties
  • Have a specific clause for payment of income tax in India [This must be highlighted]
  • State the salary in Rupees [This must be highlighted]
  • Show the complete chain of employment from the UK to the intermediate contracting company, to the company in India in cases where the applicant is not being directly employed by an Indian company

Evidence of academic qualifications

  • Evidence of academic qualifications in the field of the job applied for.
  • This must be provided as a copy of professional diploma(s)/certificate(s)/credentials.
  • If learning on the job a copy of their C.V showing what qualifications they have

Proof of Purpose

  • This must be provided as a copy of the Registration Papers of the Company that is offering the Employment

Letter of Introduction

  • An original letter of introduction from the applicant. This must state that employment has been offered and applicant has to write an acceptance letter to confirm he is taking up the position in question

Deceleration Form

Submission Authorisation Form

Additional Information

Please note anyone related to Pakistan must apply in person. Unfortunately we are unable to help in anyway. This means any document information, time, form filling etc. Please see Embassy website below for further help


Postage and Packaging

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