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Indonesia Tourist​​​ Visa Requirements


with at least two blank pages facing each other. It must be valid for at least six months beyond the entry date and contain no Israeli stamps.


One colour passport sized photos, taken against a white background and taken within the last six months.

Application Form

Completed application form
in black ink and capitals only. No handwritten changes or correction fluid allowed.

Proof of Employment

A letter from the applicant’s employer confirming employment. This letter must: Be less than one month old, Include the applicant’s position, Include the signatory’s position, Include the dates of leave and dates of return to work, Include the applicant’s start date at the company, Be provided in the original format, Be typed by the applicant and signed in the original.

Proof Of Financial Means

Evidence of available funds. This must be provided as: A copy of a recent bank statement showing a minimum credit balance of £1,000

Proof Of Travel Arrangements

Details of travel arrangements. These must be provided as: A copy of the flight confirmation showing onward/return travel and A copy of the hotel confirmation.

Indonesia Tourist​​​​​ Visa Fees

Visa TypeServiceEmbassy FeesUVS Handling FeevatTotal
Single Entry 2 months3 working days£50£100£20£170

Postage & Packaging

£8 special delivery
£25 special delivery guaranteed by 9 am
£15 guaranteed on Saturday special delivery
£30 guaranteed Saturday by 9 am special delivery

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