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Legalisation of Documents for China

  • Who need to legalise documents for China?  

    If you wish to apply for China work visa (type Z) then you would need to legalise your documents


    Which UK documents can be legalised or authenticated? 

             Your Professional and Academic documents including High school certificate, Diploma or Degree certificates

             Personal Identification Documents including Passport, Driving licence, Birth or Death Certificate, Marriage certificate etc

             Police Documents and record checks such as Criminal Record Book (CRB), ACRO/ACPO certificate, Disclosure document and finger prints

             Your Company or tax documents 


    How do you get Documents legalise for China? 

    If your documents need to be legalised for applying China work visa then documents issued in the UK firstly be certified by a UK notary public then legalised by the Legalisation Office of Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). And the last step is to get them legalised and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy of General Consulate in the UK.


    Process to get legalised through our Unique Visa Services:

    If you need legalisation service, talk to one of our team members and let us know which documents you need to legalised. We will provide you the quote and discuss the requirements.

    It is a simple two step process


             Send your documents through special post or in-person to our office and then forget the stress!

             We will legalised your documents and send it back to you by post or you can collect them in person.


    UK documents can also be authenticated here even if you overseas like China or any other country. There is no jurisdiction restriction to do this. We can also arrange courier to send your documents back to you, if you are out of UK.

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