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UVSUK is responsible for secure, fast and reliable processing of legalising all the submitted documents.  

Legalisation is a process of document authentication done by the International agencies or Governments. If your travel needs the UK documents, you have to legalised all the documents by the particular authorities before it can be used.

Each country follow its own legislation policies and rules. In order to consider genuine, the documents must be legalised from the both Commonwealth office (FCO) and UK Foreign office. And in several cases, also by the authorities of the foreign country.

Documents needed for legalisation includes:

  • Birth certificate
  • Academic certificates
  • Civil and marriage certificates
  • Documents from UK overseas territories
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Religious documents
  • Certificate of no Impediment
  • Export certificates

UVS guarantees you to deliver your documents to be legalised within a day. As soon as we collect your documents, we submit them to the FCO and related embassy on your behalf.

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