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Nigeria STR Visa Fee!

Processing Time

  • 10 Working Days
  • 7 working Days

Duration of Visa

  • Single Entry 3 Months

Embassy Fee

  • 10 Working Days £555
  • 7 Working Days £718

UVS Service Fee

  • £175 


  • £730 – 10 Working Days
  • £893 – 7 Working Days

Optional Costs

  • Form Filling £75 


  • Special Delivery £12
  • 9am Delivery £25
  • Saturday Guaranteed Delivery £25
  •  9am Saturday Guaranteed £35
  • Courier Varies

Nigeria STR Visa Requirements!


Passports should be valid for at least the next 6 months when you enter Nigeria and two totally blank pages. One page is for the visa, the other is for the stamp(does not include the page reserved for “observations”.


x2 Photographs One recent (under 6 month old) passport photo (45mm x 35mm) taken against a white background.

Application Form

A completed Nigeria visa application form, cannot be filled by hand. Please ensure the signature is identical to the one on your passport.

Payment Proof

  • We do advise when getting to payment please do not pay. We would like to check if all is ok then we will pay
  • Printed Copy of the Visa Acknowledgement Page from the online application form If paid

Proof of Education

Copy of Contract

Applicants copy of contract with salary included. This must be signed by both parties


Free Zone Expatriate Quota or Approved Expatriate Quota. Copies are fine

Acceptance Letter

Company Acceptance letter from the employer

STR Request Letter

Please include full name of client

Additional Information

Unique Visa services can fill the form for a charge of £75 plus VAT
1) Payment Confirmed page from the online application.
2) Visa Acknowledgement page from the online application.
3) Letter from the Nigerian employer requesting the STR be issued, addressed to the Visa Section, Nigerian High Commission, London, and accepting full immigration responsibilities.
4) Letter containing the offer of appointment.
5) Letter accepting the offer of appointment.
6) Signed Employment contract.
7) Completed Online Visa Application Form with attached passport-type photo. The photo must have been taken within the last 6 months, and Any other documents in support of the application (if required). 8) Applicant’s CV. 9) Professional qualification certificates(one of each original provided at 3. above).


Please follow the link below

On the visa maximum stay is how you can stay in Nigeria. For example if it state maximum stay is 30 days, then you must exit Nigeria before 30 days of entering Nigeria.

Nigerian Visa validity is how long the visa is valid for. For example if the visa is valid for 180 days, this means you are ok to travel within the 180 days.


The difference between single entry, double entry and multiple entry are as follows-

Single entry on allows you to enter the country once before expiry

Double entry visa you can enter twice before the expiry

Multiple entry allows you multiple entry before expiry

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Fingerprints are required the first time you make an application. Recently they have changed the rule where after the first submission then you will not need fingerprints.