With the ten years of total industrial experience, unique visa services is specialised in assisting you with all your passport related queries. Just feel free to reach us and leave all your passport related worries to our professionals. So stop postponing your trips, as your passports and visas are just a few clicks away.




Issuance of a Second Passport !

Are you a business executive always struggling with applying for visas because you need to to travel elsewhere? Did you know as an executive you can have two British passports. Unique Visa Services can represent you and arrange for  the passport to be issued the same working day or next working day (depending on appointment time).


Issue a new Passport and Passport renewal services!


Issuance of brand new passport and renewal of an outdated passport is our primary responsibility. We are able to process your Passport applications in less than a day. You can come and visit us anytime from Monday to Friday, while we are 24*7 there to help you on phone and emails.


Change name on a Passport!


Is the name on your Passport being an obstacle in the way of your pleasure or a business trip? Now submit an application at UVS to change your name on the Passport and bon voyage!


Issuance of a child Passport !


So all set to take your family out for a small trip and searching for a company for your child’s passport? Well, you are at the right place mate! Just go through our details once and submit an application form for your under 18 kid.


Handle Passport stolen and lost cases

Need a passport urgently, but what it is lost ! Don’t worry, unique visa services is there to replace your lost or stolen passport. Submit a query for passport replacement, attach the following requirements.

Requirements to replace your lost or stolen passport:

  • A copy of your current passport!
  • Two identical colored photographs taken within a month of dimensions 45mm high and 35 mm wide.
  • Completed Passport application form.
  • An authorisation letter.

So hurry up and get benefitted with Unique visa services fast and easy way to get a Passport.

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