Post Study Work Visa

Post Study Work Visa

Post Study Worker Visa

from summer 2021, UK is going to re-introduce post study worker visa. it will be available to all the international students who have completed their Undergraduate or Masters degree in the UK.

Successful applicants will be granted 2 years visa to stay and work or look for work in the UK. PhD students can stay for 3 years!

You will be able to switch into skilled worker visa if you get a job offer. It will be a paid application and also pay for NHS health surcharge.

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Can I still be eligible for this visa if I did remote learning due to Covid 19?

Many international students will be pondering about this issue. Due to Covid 19 most of the international students were not able to travel to the UK or did remote learning. The good news is that, you will be eligible to apply for this visa even if you did the remote learning in your home country. If your course is finishing this academic year, you must be in the UK before 6th April 2021.

If your course started in Jan 2021, then you need to be in the UK by 27th Sept 2021.

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