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Country: Vietnam    Visa Type: Tourist

Click here to start your visa application order please also complete the requirements as below along with the online order to commence with the application.

Required Documents


Your passport must be valid for at least one month after the visa expiry date as well as have at least one blank page left.


one recent passport size

Application Form

complete one


Hotel name and address must be provided on the application form


Visa TypeServiceEmbassy FeeUVS FeeTotal
1 Month Single Entry7 working days£54£75£129
1 Month Single Entry48 Hours£69£90£159
1 Month Single EntryNext Day£75£125£200
1 Month Multiple Entry7 working days£85£75£160
1 Month Multiple Entry48 Hours£105£90£125
1 Month Multiple EntryNext Day£115£125£240
3 Months Single Entry7 working days£85£75£160
3 Months Single Entry48 Hours£105£90£195
3 Months Single EntryNext Day£115£125£240
3 Months Multiple Entry7 working days£105£75£180
3 Months Multiple Entry48 Hours£125£90£215
3 Months Multiple EntryNext Day£135£125£260

We do not take payment until the passport is submitted to the embassy.

Postage & Packaging Charges

  • £8 special delivery
  • £25 special delivery guaranteed by 9 am
  • £15 guaranteed on Saturday special delivery
  • £30 guaranteed Saturday by 9 am special delivery

Please note that Unique Visa Services Ltd is not the actual embassy and are not affiliated with any government. If you want to apply for a visa directly with the Indian embassy instead of using our services, you can make an appointment to go in person. To access the Indian embassy website in UK click here