Requirements ToApply For Fiance Visa UK

The fiance category visa also is known as a “prospective marriage visa” that allows the individual to travel to the UK to join their fiance. The visa conveys that the person is an ordinarily resident and has no length of staying or immigration restriction while in the UK.

A fiance visa UK is specifically designed allowing the individuals outside of the UK to enter the country, so they can get married or get into a civil courtship with the British citizen partner who is presently staying in the UK. Hence, to apply for Fiance visa UK there are certain factors and consideration to meet which includes:

In order to get accepted into your visa application, you must be a legal consenting adult. As per the UK legislation, the applicant should be 18 or more. So, the minimum age requirement for the Fiance visa UK application is 18.

The person traveling to the UK will be not allowed to work for the duration of the time he/she stays. The fiance sponsoring the person must show enough financial stability to undertake the expenses of the other person. If there is a child involved, there is an additional amount shown by the person sponsoring the individuals on a Fiance visa. For that, there is couple of option provided which includes:

  • Employment or self-employment proof
  • Showing investment i.e. shares/ rental income etc.
  • UK pension
  • Savings meeting the wage

In order to get through the visa application, involved individuals should be able to demonstrate a genuine relationship and intend to get married and settled in the UK within 6 months’ time-length. Additionally, it also requires showing a suitable accommodation arrangement for the fiance including if he/she has the child. In 6 months duration, if the marriage does not take place, the individual on the visa is subject to deportation.

If you are applying for the Fiance visa UK, it is important to give a careful consideration or seek immigration counseling from Unique Visa Services.

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