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Are you looking for a smooth visa process for flying to Saudi?


When you are planning to get a visa to fly to Saudi Arabia, it can be a long and tiring process that needs all your resources and time. But the happy news is that these processes are not so much tiring with the right Saudi Arabia visa service providers at your side. At Unique visa services, we offer you an excellent service that will be effective in saving your time and relaxing at the same time. With us, you can ignore the idea of standing in long queues, waiting and demanding your time and brain. Unique visa services offer you a procedural process that will help you in getting your Visa for Saudi Arabia from the UK much easier than you thought. So, please pick up the threads of reading to know more about the visas to Saudi Arabia.


Types of Saudi Visa


Before you are planning to pick up a visa for flying to Saudi Arabia, it is important that you know the types of visas that are available. This can help you in having a clear picture of your need to visit the country and the kind of Visa that you are going to operate upon. It is necessary that you know the duration and purpose of your stay to get the proper Visa for Saudi Arabia. So, please continue scrolling to find the details about types of visas for Saudi.


Family visit visa:


This family visit visa Saudi Arabia can be obtained by the people who are going to Saudi for visiting a relative or a family member. You might have a relative or your blood relation staying up in Saudi Arabia working or studying. There are few documents that have to be submitted in order to receive the family visit visa from the embassy. But you don’t have to worry or take tension about obtaining them. Because, with the proper documents and Unique visa service providers at your side, all these processes can be easily done. 


There are a few documents that are necessary and have to be provided, such as the application form for Visa. You have to make sure that all the details have been properly filled. But you don’t have to stress out because you will have professionals from the Unique visa service guiding you in all the formalities that you are going to follow. The second important document is the passport. Make sure that you have your passport neat and extra pages if possible. The next important document is the passport size photo. This photo must be in the appropriate requirements and must be a picture that was captured recently within six months of time.


Another important document that is required for a family visit visa to Saudi Arabia is an authorised invitation. This invitation much consist the details of the invitee such as name and contact details clearly mentioned. This is for confirmation and cross-verification. Thus, this invitation must also be attached for the family visit visa process to complete.


Business visa for Saudi:


There are also many numbers of people who have business going on in Saudi Arabia Manchester. The country allows you to take a business visa for these purposes. There are certain procedures that will be followed when you are trying to get a business visa for Saudi Arabia. These documents and details should not be adulterated, and it is the best to provide all the documents. All that you have to do is to get ready with the documents that are needed. The visa processing steps will be done with the help and guidance from the side of Unique visa services. If you are a citizen of the UK, then you will be helped with a set of procedures to obtain a Saudi business visa UK. If you are a citizen other than the UK, you might have to make sure about the procedures, as there might be some variations.

The documents that are required are, in the first place, you would need the visa application form to be properly filled. This has to be done cautiously so as to not delay the Visa obtaining process. If you are going on a business-related purpose to Saudi, then a letter of employer support is necessary. If you are having an invitation from the company for you, then that can also be attached. This invitation and the support letter must be viable and not faulty. It should contain the name of the organization or the company with complete contact details for the verification purpose. Passport and the passport size photos are a mandatory. Please do take care that the passport size photo is a minimum of 6 months old. In other words, a recent photo will do.


If you are requiring a business visa to Saudi, then you have to know that you can stay there up to 30 days, 60 days or on a 90 days count. There are two kinds of business visas to Saudi. One Visa provides a single entry, while the other Visa will provide multiple entries. Thus, you have to not the kind of Visa that you are obtaining and maintain the duration of stay according. The government of Saudi Arabia will decide and provide you with a single or multiple entry visas. All these details will be clearly informed to you by the guides of our Unique visa service providers.


Work visa to Saudi:


The job that you are wanting to work at might also be your dream job in Manchester, but all that you now need to pursue the job that you have been selected for is a Saudi visa Manchester. Along the process of getting yourself with a work visa to Saudi Arabia, you will have your guide from Unique visa services to accompany you with all your needs, requirements and doubt clarifications. This work visa is applicable for people who have been offered a job in Saudi Arabia by a company that has been registered. Thus, providing the legitimate contact details of the company in which you have been selected is a must.


Similar to all other types of visas, there is also a need for few documentation to complete these visa processes in a much smoother manner. These documentations include Saudi Arabia visa application from the UK. Please make sure that you have completed all the details and filled them perfectly without any redundancy so that there are no confusion in proceeding with the formalities. Since it is a work visa that you are planning to get, you have to provide your educational certificates for verification purposes. There will always be a professional to help in this process from Unique visa services. Please ensure that you have provided the verification centre with proper certificates with all the authorizations that are required. The block number of visas must also be provided to the officials along with an approved employment letter. This letter is nearly like an invitation from the company asking you to serve them and help both company and yourself in the process of growth. 


The other important documents that have to be attached are the passport along with the passport size photos. These photos must be at least six months older to the maximum. It is best to provide them with a recent photo for verification. You will also be asked to submit a medical test report to ensure that you are in good health. This check is for the safety of both yourself and the people in Saudi. Another document that you will be asked to submit is the police check certificate to ensure that you do not have any black mark or action conduct that has been recorded. This visa will also allow your full-time stay duration in Saudi Arabia but all that you have to do is to ensure that you have provided them with the full contact details and employment details that are being required.



Saudi Tourist visa:


There are so many beautiful places that you cannot miss visiting in Saudi. If you are a resident of the UK and have a UK based visa, then obtaining a Saudi tourist visa can really be a piece of cake. With the help and guidance that will be provided by the people of Unique visa services with you, the process can be even easier. With the tourist visa that you will be obtained from the embassy, you will be only allowed as a tourist, and please do take care about the duration of stay within the country. 


The documents that have to be submitted to the embassy in order to get the tourist visa are, the first one is the cautiously and completely filled visa application form. This form should not have any error and thus has to be submitted for visa clearance. Other documents are the passport along with the passport size photo. Please make sure that your passport photo is captured with all the requirements that are provided by the embassy. The picture should be a recent one that is being submitted. It should be a maximum of 6 months older and not above that.


If you are a resident of the UK and applying visa for Saudi Arabia, then it is important that you have to provide proof of residence. This should include your address and contact details which will help in the cross-verification and checking process. You might also want to provide an employment letter that will show that you have been working and residing in the UK. Thus, after submitting all the necessary documents, you will have a tourist visa to Saudi Arabia to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the land.


Umrah or Hajj visa:


This visa comes for religious purposes. Thus, people who want to visit Umrah or Hajj are applicable for this visa. So, you will be asked to submit a few documents that will be useful for verification purposes. Please ensure that you have all the travel and residence been done and do have the documents with you for reference at some point. You can have a peaceful journey with no visa tension as Unique visa services will always ensure a smooth visa process for you.


The other visas for Saudi Arabia


There are also other kinds of visas that can be obtained to reach Saudi Arabia. These visas also serve their own purposes along with the limited stay duration with respect to all the proposed visas. You can contact and reach out to Unique visa service providers at all times to get information and help regarding these visa processes, such as:


Transit visa for Saudi: When you travel across Saudi Arabia to some other country, you will have to land in Saudi for transit purposes. If you think that you will have to spend more than 12 hours in Saudi for transit purposes, then it is important that you take a transit visa for the very same purpose.


Residence visa for Saudi: If you are someone who is interested in living in Saudi Arabia, then it is necessary that you have a residence visa with you. This will help you in the Saudi staying purposes.


Seaman visa in Saudi: If you are someone who wants to trade or do business with Saudi through the regional waters, then it is important that you have a seaman visa with you. Normal types of visas will not be accepted in this regard. And that is the reason why this seaman visa was implemented.

Saudi Arabia visa extension: The extension of the visa that you are holding for Saudi Arabia can be done through other sets of procedural processes. This will help in the Saudi Arabia visa extension, which can eventually help in extending the duration that you can stay in Saudi Arabia.


Common types of jobs


There are a few common types of jobs that are being entertained to allow into Saudi Arabia along with the visas. For example, if you are going to the business meetings, then you can be a director, consultant, HR and belong to other jobs. If you are willing to visit some relation in Saudi Arabia, then you can be the son, daughter, wife or someone closely related to the person staying in Saudi Arabia.


Common documents for visa obtaining purposes:


There are few documents that are common for obtaining any type of Saudi Arabia visa. These documents will ensure that you are able to provide perfect and clear documents. Thus, it will help in providing a clearance for the visa process that you are trying to obtain. These documents are:


Passport: One of the most important documents that are required for obtaining a visa is the passport. Without this document, there is no chance that you can proceed with the visa obtaining process.

Visa application form: The next important document is the visa application form. Be it any kind of visa that you are trying to obtain, and it is important that you have the visa obtaining form. This form must be filled cautiously so that there is no room for error or discrepancies.

Proof certificates: This is another important document for obtaining a Saudi Arabia visa for any country. It is important that you submit proof documents. This is because no country will be happy in allowing people into their country without taking all the safety measures. Thus, all the proof, including your contact details and the other details, will be properly verified, and background checks will be done.


What does Unique visa service provide?


Legal and registered:


You don’t have to worry about the registration and legality. There are many fake dealers who provide you with fake passports and all other things which can lead to trouble. But with us, you are in safe hands. Unique visa services have been registered with the Office of Immigration Services, and thus we provide you with the legal and regulated process for visa. This overall Saudi Arabia visa process will be a smoother one with us.


Overall support:


There might be different people with different needs of visas such as work visa, business visa or tourist visa etc. Unique visa services offer support to all kinds of visas. And thus, you don’t have to stress about anything but with the required documents; we can help you in getting your visa. So, you can trust us with whatever visa type you are planning to obtain.


Always available:


Unique visa service providers are always available for you and are ready to serve you at your best. You can contact us on a 24/7 basis, and you will have our guides and service providers answering your queries and helping you out. We are not such an organization that vanishes after getting your money. But we leave you in complete satisfaction with the service that we have provided.


You can be anybody:


We at Unique visas service providers are happy and extend our services to both the UK and non-UK residents. Thus, we will be at your complete service and provide all the help and guidance that is being required. It is important that you trust and choose professionals like Unique visa service providers. This is because, when you want the proper type of visa, there might be chances of varying rules that have to be followed. Thus, only professionals can help you with the varying procedures for both the UK and non-UK residents.




You can find professionalism in the work of our Unique visa service provider’s team. This is because we have been helping many people to obtain their visas of all types to Saudi Arabia. Thus, we always follow a procedure-oriented process so that you do not skip anything in the visa process. This also helps you to have a clear mindset about what is happening around you. We respect and follow all the rules and regulations. This ensures that you can trust us with all kinds of legalities. 


Proper and comfortable delivery:


At Unique visa services, we offer a varied range of options to the people who are trying to obtain a visa to Saudi through the embassy. After we have received your visa, you don’t have to worry because the visa will be sent to you safely with all due regards visa any medium of post that you want. Thus, this helps in a convenient receiving process for you as a visa applicant.


Affordability and standard:


Unique visa services always maintain the standard, and thus, you don’t have to get tensed about the work we do. All the works and procedures are completely monitored and are legalised along with regulations. For all the service that we provide and the comfortability, we do not charge excessively. But unique visa services always provide the visas at an affordable cost and thus helping you with a happy journey ahead.


Payment options: 


There are so many payments options for a visa that you can transfer the amount for getting your smooth Saudi Arabia visa process from the Unique visa service providers. We rely upon the satisfaction of our customers, and thus we always try to provide a hundred per cent value to your comfortably and satisfaction in our services.


Upfront payment is not accepted:


Before starting off with the process, it is our work ethics to check the documents that you have in case of any discrepancy. Thus, we do not accept any kind of upfront payment. Unique service providers are trustworthy and thus can be trusted with your visa process for the successful completion of the entire process in a smooth manner.


The bottom line


With the best services on board with your visa process, you can be relaxed about flying to Saudi with your perfect visa. This is because, Unique visa service provides you with the best environment where you will have a professional with you for help and guidance, starting from the visa application form to the obtaining visa at your hand. Throughout the process, you will have us beside you. Thus, we can provide you with a package of complete trust, satisfaction and help.

We at unique visa services help you throughout your Visa process journey to make it a successful one. For more information, please visit our website or dial to +441619562003 +442072052282. You can also reach us via mail at [email protected]. We are providing 24/7 service for you.

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