Saudi Visa Application Information and Requirements For Travel

Saudi Arabia is opening its country to the world through a new tourist visa. Travelers will have a chance to discover the experience and warmth of the hospitality of the Saudi locals. The country has inherited a rich culture, traditions and not to forget their friendly hospitality. To apply for a visa can be stressful however with the advent of the eVISA everything is streamlined, quick and easy. The tourist visa allows the visitor to spend up to 90 days in the country.

Unless you are a citizen of one of these four visa exempt countries i.e. Kuwait, Oman, UAE and Bahrain you need to present your passport to travel to Saudi Arabia. The visa registration process can be done online where you will be issued an eVISA that allows multiple entry to the visitor. The visa can be applied through
• eVisa
• Visa on arrival
• Consulate visa
Following are the Saudi Visa Application requirements:
• You will need to have a valid passport for a minimum six months taking into the consideration
• Tourist from the eligible countries can apply for the tourist visa using eVisa portal and plan trip accordingly

• The tourist visiting Saudi Arabia must not be underage i.e. 18 years unless accompanied by a guardian
• Saudi Arabia allows “Visa on arrival” for selected countries. The list of the countries can be found from the official visa application website. Tourists that doesn’t fall under “visa on arrival” – eligible country list are required to apply by visiting nearest Saudi Arabia embassy and consulate.
• The visitors requires having a insurance policy. While applying through eVisa to for the Saudi visa application, the Insurance Policy the linked to the eVisa. This policy and the eVisa are obligatory requirements to enter Saudi Arabia. The insurance is issued by the government approved insurance providers only.


It is important to follow the visa application requirements and rules in order to get your visa done for Saudi Arabia.

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