If you’re planning on visiting Saudi Arabia from the UK, there are a series of visa requirements you’ll need to fulfil. In this article, we’re going to discuss the visas you’ll need to get into Saudi Arabia, and when they apply.

Do I Need A Visa To Enter Saudi Arabia?

Anybody travelling from abroad who has a non-Saudi nationality must apply for a visa before being permitted to enter the country, including people on pilgrimage. This rule applies to people in the UK.

How Do I Get A Family Visa For Saudi Arabia?

First, you’ll need a passport that is more than six months in date and has two blank, adjacent pages facing each other in your passport.

Second, you’ll need an additional two passport-size photos taken on a white background.

Third, you’ll need to complete the Family Visit Visa application form, the Saudi Medical Emergency form and the declaration form.

Finally, you’ll need to prove that you have a relationship with the person who has invited you into Saudi Arabia.

Does My Visa Allow Me To Enter Saudi Arabia By Air And Land?

The Saudi Arabia transit visa that allows you to enter the country by air may not apply to those entering by land. People travelling from Bahrain along the causeway to Saudi Arabia need to be careful and ensure that they have the correct documents with them when they arrive at the border to avoid disappointment.

Can I Travel To Jeddah On A Visa?

Non-muslims from the UK may be asked to explain why they want to travel to Jeddah before being permitted to go on a flight to the city. UK citizens are usually not allowed the leave the airport.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Saudi Arabia Visa?

Once you’ve submitted all relevant documents, getting a Saudi Arabia visa usually takes five working days.

Can You Go To Saudi Arabia As A Tourist?

Visiting Saudi Arabia as a westerner is more difficult than practically anywhere else in the world. However, there are ways that you can visit the country as a UK Citizen who is not also a citizen of a Gulf Cooperation Council Country.

The first way to get into the country is to apply for a business visa. You can apply for a Saudi business visa if a company in the Kingdom sponsors you. With a business visa, you can visit all parts of the country, except the Muslim-only cities of Mecca and Madinah. You do not need an exit visa to leave the country.

The second way to get into the country is on a transit visa. Saudi Arabia requires that all people entering the country on a connecting flight, and who stay for more than 18 hours, apply for a transit visa. With a transit visa, you are free to travel through Saudi Arabia from one destination to another, include places like Bahrain, UAE and Jordan.

The third way is to either a Haji or Umrah visa if you are a Muslim. Haji visas allow you to visit Mecca and Medinah during the month of Haji, and Umrah the rest of the year.

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