Sponsorship Licence under tier 2 category

What Is The Register Of Sponsors?

  • All employers who want to act as a sponsor need a licence. Once they get a licence, they are added to the register of sponsors.The register of sponsors has the name, location and rating of the organisation. All sponsors are given an A rating or B rating when they join the register. B rating is a transitional rating and means that the sponsor is working with us to improve their systems.

What Is A Certificate Of Sponsorship?

  • A certificate of sponsorship is not an actual certificate or paper document, but is a unique reference number, which holds information about the job and your personal details.Your sponsor will give you your certificate of sponsorship reference number. They will also need to give you some of the information they used to assign the certificate for you to use the point-based calculator and apply, for example, the wage of the job.Having a certificate of sponsorship alone does not mean you will be successful in applying to come or stay in the UK. You must meet the requirements of the tier and category you are applying under as well.

Applying For A Licence

  • If your company has a head office in the United Kingdom; It is not required that your head office has to make an application on behalf of the whole organisation. If your organisation is made up of several branches, it is possible for each branch to apply for a separate licence or for a group of branches to apply for a licence together.

How long is sponsorship licence valid for?

  • The licence will last for four years unless it is withdrawn or surrendered before then.

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