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What Is a Sponsorship License?

Sponsorship Licence

To become a home office approved employer, your company will need ‘Sponsorship Licence’. You need to make an application to the home office and if your application is successful, it will give you the right to employ  non-UK resident people under Skilled Worker visa category (previously know as Tier 2)

Once you get a licence, your name will be added to the register of sponsors. The register of sponsors has the name, location and rating of the organisation. All sponsors are given an A rating or B rating when they join the register. B rating is a transitional rating and means that the sponsor is working to improve their systems.

If you have a head office in the United Kingdom; It is not a requirement that your head office has to make an application on behalf of the whole organisation. If your organisation is made up of several branches, it is possible for each branch to apply for a separate licence or for a group of branches to apply for a licence together.

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What Is A Certificate Of Sponsorship (Cos)

If an approved employer wish to hire a non-UK resident worker, first of all he will need to apply and assign a CoS to the prospective worker. it will enable the applicant to apply for Skilled Worker visa under new UK point based category.

A CoS (certificate of sponsorship) is not an actual certificate or paper document, but is a unique reference number, which holds information about the job and some personal details. 

It can be Defined CoS (required for the people who are applying from overseas) or Undefined CoS. it can be used by the people applying from withing the UK like students switching into skilled worker route.

Applying For A Licence

If you wish to apply for a Sponsorship licence, please feel free to contact us to discuss your eligibility and the main requirement to apply for this licence.

We can help your company to apply for the licence, Certificate of sponsorship (Cos) and even help the applicant to apply for the skilled worker visa.

Once the application is submitted, it can take few weeks to get the decision. you can pay extra fees to home office in order to get the decision within 10 days.

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When Does The Duration Of The Licence Begin?


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