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You may come to the United Kingdom as a student if you have been accepted onto a course of study by an organisation that is on the register of education and training providers.

The Course Should Be At One Of The Following:

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And You Need To Be Undertaking One Of These:

recognised full-time degree course a course run during the week that involves at least 15 hours of organised daytime study a week or a full-time course of study at an independent fee paying school.

You Must Also:

be registered with the United Kingdom awarding body if you are studying externally for a degree at a private education institution; and be able to pay for your course and support and accommodate yourself and any dependants without working or help from public funds.
plan to leave the United Kingdom when you complete your studies. You need not to show visa officer that you plan to leave U.K at the end of your studies, if you are taking Bachelor Degree course or above.

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