switching from tier 4 to 2 tier

  • Tier 2 General is point based category. You will need to score enough point for Attributes. You also need to score point of Maintenance and English Language requirement (Though you will automatically claim points for English Language as you must have completed your Bachelor or Masters degree in UK)You can switch into Tier 2 General if you are current leave is one of these categories:
  • Tier 4
  • student
  • student re-sitting an examination
  • student nurse
  • student union sabbatical officer
  • Post Study work visa (Tier 1)


  • You can qualify to switch into Tier 2 visa BUT you must have lawfully obtained a UK bachelors or masters degree, postgraduate certificate in education or professional graduate diploma of education during your current or last permission to stay (period of continuous leave). This does not include, for example, vocational qualifications at degree level which are not degrees. All other Post Graduate diplomas are not acceptable for this purpose. If you are a PhD student, you do not need to have completed your course, but you must have completed at least 12 month’s study towards it in the UK.

Points For Your Attributes

  • You must score 50 points for having a Tier 2 (General) certificate of sponsorship, and for being paid an appropriate salary. These are known as your ‘attributes’.Points are available for your attributes as follows:
Assigned a certificate of sponsorship.(in case of students/PSW visa holders your employer is exempt from the requirement of the Resident Labour market test
Appropriate salary and allowancesIt should be minimum 20300 or appropriate salary for your chosen occupation code whichever is higher.

You must have an employer who is registered with Home Office and have Sponsor Licence , only then he can issue you a ‘certificate of sponsorship’

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