The Easiest Gateway Into The UK – Cyprus Citizenship By Investment Scheme

The concept of dual citizenship is spreading like a fire in most of the countries. There are a plethora of nations who are offering citizenship by investment program to the immigrants. The prime motive of any citizenship by investment program is to bring the mammoth amount of investment into the country and offer the opportunities and quality lifestyle to the foreign investors.

Most of the people dream about visiting the UK because of immense opportunities this country provides to the foreigners. But obtaining the UK visa on your won is a grueling task. You need to get the assistance of professional UK visa services to obtain the UK visa. Another way is to get the Cyprus citizen by investment and you will get the access to travel all the European Union countries including the UK. Most of the high net worth individuals are showing their interest in this program because Cyprus is a country with political stability, quality lifestyle, better business opportunities, and ease of travel around the globe. The foremost of all, it allows free movement to other Non-European countries as well.

Let’s jump on to the reasons why Cyprus citizenship by investment is an excellent way to move into the UK-

  • Unlike the other countries, you don’t have to make hefty donations to acquire the citizenship. All you need to do is to make an investment in one of the various investment programmes and hold that investment for 3 years.
  • No physical presence required throughout the application and citizenship acquisition process.
  • Minimum paperwork in the application process. Within 6 months of application submission, you will get your visa issued without any hassle.

Now let’s jump on to the various advantages of getting the Cyprus citizenship to move into the UK.

– It is the fastest and easiest way to acquire the European Union citizenship and move into the UK. You can freely move, travel, and study in any of the EU countries including the UK.

– There is no restriction in investing in UK property or any other type of investment.

–  You can trade freely with any of the EU countries without much of a hitch.

–  Including the property, you can transfer the great number of funds between any European country and invest in any government program or real estate project.

– It is very easy to meet the Cyprus visa requirements. Unlike the UK, where there are stringent criteria to be met to acquire the permanent residency, you can acquire EU passport and visa within 6 months of the application submission.

– Cyprus and other European countries including the UK have some of the leading universities of the world. With Cyprus citizenship in your hand, you are free to study anywhere in the EU and receive the quality education.

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