Things That You need to know about Spouse Visa Extension in the UK

The provisions for the Visa extension for the spouse are specially designed for non-EEA residents who live under a spouse visa in the UK.

If you desire to stay in the UK on expiry of your Spouse Visa, you can apply for an extension. The extension period of the spouse visa, just like in the case initial Spouse Visa, lasts 30 months. You may also apply for an ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ status, when the extension expires, which will ultimately lead to British citizenship.

Spouse Visa extension UK requirements

The extension prerequisites are identical to the initial spouse Visa and include being able to demonstrate that you have a real relationship (whether it is a marriage or civil partnership) with your spouse/partner and plan to keep living together in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, you will have to prove that for at least two years, you have been in a relationship that is equivalent to a marriage or civil union.

Besides above, for the majority of the cases, an individual would also have to be able to display that he/she generates a collective annual income of at least £18,600 with their spouse/partner. If your companion has asylum or humanitarian security status in the UK, it is also possible to apply for an extension of your time.

In addition to the legit relationship and combined income requirements, the majority of applicants will need to fulfil these conditions to acquire Spouse Visa Extension in the UK:

• Shouldn’t have breached any law or immigration status
• Ability to demonstrate a specified level of English
• Meet character appropriateness conditions

More on financial requirements

In a large number of cases, a candidate will have to provide information about their own and their spouse’s economic state.

For an extension, the fundamental financial requirements are as under:

• The applicant, as well as their spouse, must have cumulative earnings of at least £18,600
• If the appellant has a kid, the minimum earnings threshold shall be £22,400
• The ceiling goes up by another £2,400 for each additional child the applicant has.

An individual defined as a child under Spouse Visa Extension requirements is the one under the age of 18, not from an EEA country and who depends on you or your spouse.

The financial requirement may be met by various means, including:

• Earnings from your own employment or self-employment and your partner’s income
• Cash savings more than £ 16,000
• State and private meetings
• Maternity benefits
• Bereavement benefits

Please take note that the earnings may be recognised from some other sources as well. It is wise to obtain advice from an immigration expert, who will help you decide which sources of income are approved for the Spouse Visa Extension financial requirement to be met.

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