tier 2 general

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Tier 2 General of the UK visa points-based system relates to work permits issued to sponsored employees.

The Tier 2 Visa is designed for both high-skilled and medium-skilled workers who seek UK immigration. It is a necessary requirement that an applicant should have a confirmed offer of employment with a company based in the United Kingdom.

Work Permits are visas that allow a Non-EU citizen to work in a specific role at a UK-based company. Work Permits may be issued for a maximum period of 5 years.

You can apply for dependants to join you in the UK and they will be able to work without restriction. But you need to be able to accommodate and support yourself and dependants without recourse to public funds.

The Application Process For A Tier 2 Work Permit UK Visa Is Employer-Led, In Which The Sponsoring Company Applies On Behalf Of The Candidate. In Order To Satisfy The Requirements One Must:

  • Have a job offer from a Licensed Sponsor and a valid Certificate of Sponsorship
  • ‘Appropriate Salary’
  • required ‘English Language qualification’
  • proof of maintenance funds (unless your employer, who must be A rated has stated on your certificate of sponsorship that you wont use public funds during your stay)

In Order To Obtain A Work Permit The Employer Must:

  • Be a company or business based in the United Kingdom.
  • Have a vacancy in the United Kingdom.
  • Be responsible for the position, and the completion of any project or work undertaken.
  • Offer the same pay and conditions as you would to a resident worker in a similar role.
  • Comply with all UK employment legislation including the national minimum wage.
  • Have all relevant licensing or registration.
  • Be offering the position to a person who is suitably qualified or experienced.
  • Be able to show that there are no suitable resident workers available to fill the role.