Top Foodie Cities in China – Where To Find The Best Food in China

When we visit some new destination, our first priority always is to find the best eateries where we can satiate our food cravings. China is one such country who offers a range of fantastic and lip-smacking foods to the travelers. There are various cities who offer the dishes which you have never heard about. Here is the whittled list of premier food cities in China.

  1. Beijing

The capital of China is also the food hub of the country. In Beijing, you will find the myriad of cuisines from different parts of the country. The Beijing is full of with local food markets, small restaurants, and luxurious restaurants as well. Mongolian hotpot is one of the classics that should be eaten in Beijing. Another classic Chinese food is the roast duck. The taste of roast duck is enticing. You cannot find the roast duck better than Beijing restaurants anywhere in the world.

  • Chengdu

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in China is also renowned for its spicy and delicious cuisines. Some of the dishes that should be eaten here are hotpot, mapo tofu, and Kungpao chicken. Well, it takes a lot of courage to eat these spicy as hell classic dishes but at the end, you will love all of them. Very few foodies know that Chengdu won a UNESCO listing as a ‘City of Gastronomy’ in the year 2010.

  • Shanghai

Shanghai is a global metropolitan city and you can easily find all the cuisines of China and rest of the world here. If you are a big time foodie, you must give a try to Ben Bang Cuisine – a local cuisine that will sweep of your feet. It is way different from the Canton cuisine and has a strong flavor and color of soya bean sauce.

  • Xian

Xian is not only popular for its culturally rich history but also for the mouth-watering cuisines. Some of the most sought-after traditional dishes of Xian are Chicken in Bottle Gourd, Cured meat Broth, Dumpling banquet, Roast piglet etc. Xian represents the northwest food style which is infact quite similar to the northeast food style.

  • Hong Kong

The variety of Hong Kong food is mind-boggling. Hong Kong is enormously famous for its spectrum of world-class restaurants and its cuisines. Cantonese food is the top specialty and is quite similar to the western palate. The way Hong Kong restaurants serve the local cuisines is simply elegant and stupefying.

  •  Guangzhou

Guangzhou is also known as the birthplace of Cantonese food. Guangzhou and other delta river cities like Shenzhen are wonderful places to try out original Cantonese food. Guangzhou food specialty is its incredibly yummy white cut chicken, roast suckling pig and sweet and sour dishes.

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