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The Unique Visa Services Ltd intents to make the reunion of the immediate and extended family members  (Non Visa Nationals) with their eligible UK relatives easy and streamlined. If you are planning to come to the UK as a family member, in most of the family categories, you would require a sponsorship by a close family member (who is a British citizen or a permanent resident). There are various categories under Family Visa. Depending on your situation and eligibility you can apply for the most suitable one. We at Unique Visa Services prioritize our client’s needs and provide them with a hassle-free solution to get the right Visa. If the applicant is in the UK, we can also represent you for the Same Day visa services (for eligible categories). You do not have to wait for months to get the decision.


A Partner visa enables a married and/or de facto partner to be sponsored by their partner (husband, wife, and civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partners) who is either a British Citizen or settled in the UK.

To apply for a partner visa there are few criteria that one has to meet    :

–    Both need to be 18 years or above

–    Your partner should be a British Citizen or a Permanent Resident in the UK or has a refugee status/ humanitarian protection in the UK

–    You must have good knowledge of the English language

–    Your partner must be financially sound to support yourself in the UK (they need to meet the minimum income criteria which depends on the number of applicants coming to join him/her in the UK)

You can also come to the UK as Fiancée/proposed civil partner if you intend to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of your arrival. Initially this visa is granted for 6 months only (you are not allowed to work) and once married; you can switch into partner visa.

At Unique Visa Services Ltd we are committed to delivering the best possible visa solutions to our customers. We can guide and assist you at every step, making sure you meet all the requirements of UKVI and we can also legally represent you and communicate with UKVI on your behalf.

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This visa enables you to live with your child in the UK. To be eligible to apply for this Visa your child should be a British Citizen or a permanent resident of the UK. If you’re applying in the UK, your child must have lived in the UK for 7 years continuously and it won’t be reasonable for them to leave.

To be able to get the visa you must prove the following:

–    You have a good knowledge of the English language

–    You are financially sound to support yourself in the UK

–    You are taking an active role in your child’s upbringing and will continue to do that.


This Visa enables you to join your parents in the UK, if you were born outside the UK. If you were born in the UK, you can get the same permission to stay as your parents. The main criteria for a child to get this visa are that one of the parents should have settled status in the UK. The few more important criteria for joining your parents in the UK are:

–    You are not married or in a civil partnership

–    You are not living an independent life

–    You are financially supported by your parents and won’t claim public funds

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UK Elderly Dependent Visa

This visa enables elderly dependant relatives to join their blood relatives in the UK (to be looked after by parents, grandchildren, children and brother-sister). The applicant has to be outside the UK and needed long term care. Your relative in the UK must be a one of the following:

–    A British citizen/Permanent Resident of the UK or have a refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK

To be able to get the visa you must prove the following:

–    You are dependent on the relative settled in the UK and need a long-term care to do personal tasks because of old age or illness

–    Your home country can’t provide the care you need, or it is not affordable

–    Your relative in the UK is able to support and accommodate you and would not need any public funds to take care of you (for at least 5 years)

–    You are 18 years of age or above

There are some exceptional situations also where other relatives than the parents or grandparents may be also considered for the elderly dependent visa. Contact us to find out how can you apply for the elderly dependent visa.

Getting a UK Family visa can become complex at times. The ever changing rules and regulations by UKVI, The high amount of visa fees involved, the onus to prove that you are a genuine person and meet all the requirements can be a real challenge. If there is even a slight issue/error on your part, your hard earned money may be written off. We at Unique Visa Services make sure that you are fully aware of all the requirements for your visa category and your application meets the criteria of UKVI, to get your decision quicker and positive.

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