Spouses/Fiancées/Unmarried partners/Civil Partners of UK citizens or permanent residents (mainly those with indefinite leave to remain) may come to the UK under Family Visa category. You will need to meet certain requirements; like minimum age, minimum English level, Income Level, your intention to join your partner permanently in the UK.

you will be able to work as soon as you enter the UK. Unique Visa Services can assist you at every stage of the process of applying for a Marriage/Civil Partner Visa or applying for the extension of your visa while you are in the U.K and finally when you apply for your settlement

Children of the married couple who are under the age of 18 years will be allowed to enter as dependants. The family can submit their application all together at the same time should they wish to do this.

application.. As a specialist in UK immigration and visa law, we can provide expert legal advice and assist you with your UK visa application.

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You Will Need To Meet The Following Marriage Visa Requirements:
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Unfortunately, in order to come to the UK on family visa, your sponsor need to earn minimum of £18600.00 per annum.

In case you are applying with children (who are not British citizen/settled in the UK), you will need to earn extra £3800 for the first child and £2400 for every other child

There are various sources that can be classed as your income for example, your employment, self employment, pension income, Non working income like dividends and rental income and cash savings of above £16000.00


There can be a case where you do not need to meet the minimum income criteria. it is If you are applying as a 'Parent'

OR you are in receipt of certain allowances like Disability Living Allowance or Carer's Allowance

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