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An Unmarried Partner Visa, or de Facto Visa, is for those with settled status or ILR who wish to bring their partner, who is not their spouse or fiance, to into the UK. In UK immigration terms settled status means a permanent resident is living in the country lawfully with no time limit on their stay. The relationship may be heterosexual or same sex, but the partners must not be blood relatives.

Unlike a UK Marriage or Spouse Visa application a de Facto Visa does not require you to be married or engaged to your partner. Whereas a UK Fianc Visa application would insist that your partner must join you with the specific purpose of marrying and would prohibit your partner from working, de Facto Visas are subject to no such restraints. A successful de Facto Visa application would permit your partner to enter and work in the UK without a work permit application providing that all appropriate entry requirements were satisfied.

Unique Visa Services will be able to advise as to whether this is the most appropriate route through which you should apply for entry into the UK.

Initially the Unmarried Partner Visa is valid for two years, however a person can then apply for ILR, or permanent residence. There is a requirement that people intending to apply for a de Facto Visa must be 16 years or over and the partner with the settled status in Britain must be over 18.

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