What are the Different Types of China Visas?

Nowadays, crossing the border is the riskiest thing. Lots of security and checking are there because of the security reasons. To cross the border, you need permission, and that permission is known as a visa. Visa allows a person to travel to foreign countries, and it has a certain time limit. Without a visa, you cannot be able to travel to any other country in the world. China is the greatest and safest country as there are only rare cases against foreigners. So everyone has their different reasons to go to China. In this post, let us look at the different types of China visas.

Tourist visa:

China is a place where many tourist spots are there. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and the Great Wall of China are the most famous tourist spots. People all over the world love to visit china in some particular seasons. For that, they will apply tourist visawhich comes under the china Visa applicationThat visa is valid only for three months from the date of issue. This tourist visa is usually known as single –entry visa (L-visa). The duration of this visa for staying in china is 30 days per entry. Apart from other countries, citizens from the UK, US, Canada, and Argentina can get a tourist visa for ten years. The individual will not get an individual visa while traveling as a group.

Business visa:

China holds a tabletop in population, and a million peoples are there. So it is one of the perfect places to establish your business. You need to apply for a business visa and an F- visa, and M-visa for business purposes. M- Visa is issued for commercial and trade activities, and F- visa is issued for academic exchanges. The validity of the business visa is six months, and the period of M-visa will be 90 days. The foreign national countries like UK, India, Singapore, and Australia should submit their application to the Chinese Visa Application Centre – CVASC. Now the Consulate-General asked to fill the application in China Visa Application online UK.  As per the rules, the invitation letter from a Chinese business partner or trade fair invitation letter should be submitted by the applicant.

Student visa:

Studying abroad is a dream for many youngsters. Education in china seems to be standard. A visa is applied for visiting the country for educational purposes I have known as a student visa. China Visa Application has classified the student’s visa into two types. Student’s visa can also be said that X – visas. In that, X1 and X2 are there. X1 visa will issue for those international students planning to stay in China for more than six months. X2 is nothing but just the opposite of X1. X2 visa will issue for those students who are planning to stay less than six months. One important thing is X2 visa is only for single entry, and the X1 visa is for multiple entries, and validity is for up to 5 years. Students should submit a copy of their admission letter while applying for the visa.

 Work visa: 

The vacancies for the workers are always there as china is a busy country. Work visa is also applied by the people who are planning to visit China for commercial entertainment performances. This visa is also known as a Z- visa. Most foreigners are going to China to teach English, and it is a common job for more foreigners. You don’t require any Ph.D. for this. Just a simple bachelor’s degree with two years of experience and good English knowledge is enough to get a job in china. You can use China Visa Application Online UK for an easy application process. Domestic helpers are not permitted in China, and if they are working with different visas, that is considered illegal. A work visa is only a single entry.

Bottom line: 

Other than the types mentioned above, there are some other types in the china visa application. They are a Transit visa, Private visit visa, Family reunion visa, Crew visa, Journalist visa, Permanent resident visa. The basic documentation required for visa application is a passport size photo and original passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of entry into China. These are the details and types of visas in the china visa application.

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