What you should know to apply for China Visa in the UK?

British nationals unremarkable want a visa to enter mainland China, together with Hainan Island, however not urban center or Macao. To-apply for a China visa in UK, you wish to complete an application form connected with your recently-taken color photograph, prepare a legitimate passport, and submit them together with alternative supporting documents to the Chinese embassy or consulate that is accountable of your residential space.

• All visa candidates aged between fourteen and seventy inclusive ought to create their visa application face to face at a Visa Application Center. As a part of the application method, bio-metric information (scanned fingerprints) has got to be provided.
• Bio-metric information could also be checked/collected by the immigration authorities once coming into China to register your entry to the country.
• If you’re transiting China, visa waivers are out of their inbound places. Guests transiting through Shanghai will apply on-line for a 144-hour visa exemption via the Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection. In alternative visa waiver transit locations, applications should be created face to face on arrival.
• If you visit Hong Kong from the ground of China and need to come to the mainland, you’ll want a visa that permits you to make a second entry into China.
• It is your responsibility to ascertain your visa details rigorously when you apply for China visa in UK. Don’t outstay your visa or work illicitly. The authorities conduct regular checks and you will be punished, detained, or deported (or all three).
• If you stay in China for longer than six months, you will get a Residence to allow.
• Be sure your documents meet the necessities of the Chinese embassy or consulate:-
1. Passport: with remaining validity of a minimum of six months; have blank visa pages.
2. Visa Application Form: honestly completed; type-written with no blanks left.
3. Photo: taken among the latest six months; full face against a light-weight background; size: 48mm x 33mm; bare-headed unless for non-secular causes.

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